Friday, March 20, 2009

Bird Photography Weekly #29

Well, finally having a break in the action, I can post this.

This week, the Golden Crowned Sparrow. I wish I had one in its breeding plumage, but these are cool enough to share anyway :)

At Belgatos Park, which I had planned to blog about earlier this week, I spotted a bunch of birds flitting about near a bench and a flowering fruit tree.

As I got closer, I recognized they were Golden-crowned Sparrows. At first I thought they were eating buggies crawling on the trees, like maybe ants.

Turns out, they were munching on the flowers themselves! LOL, this one is funny, looks like the beak is a flower :)

The sun was high and very very bright, hence the dark shadow that in this photo looks like funny streaking.

I already posted the first one I saw last week on our trek along the Los Gatos Creek Trail to Campbell and back. I still have yet to see one and hear its call at the same time. Both times, they were stuffing their faces so much they couldn't or wouldn't sing. However, I *think* I may have heard one saying good morning to me as the finches normal do every morning.

I forgot something: My dad hasn't seen one of these critters yet, but he has heard them. He and my brother went kayaking and hiking around and through Sitka, Alaska and he heard them everywhere, but they wouldn't come out of hiding. My guess is they were busy tending to the chicks or the eggs. He has a good ear and sound-memory since several months later he was able to identify it.

Here's the link to the sound... at Birdweb

For more great bird photography, head over to Birdfreak's blog here:


MaineBirder said...

Nice photos! I have never seen a Golden-crowned Sparrow before.

Red said...

Thanks John! Looks like you would have to visit California fall through spring, or head up to Alaska in the summer.

They have a cool song too :)

Zhakee said...

That blossom looks like it must be a tasty treat for that little bird.

Red said...

Hi Zhakee! I'll bet it is... tho I've tasted one before... a bit bitter for my tastes.

behindthebins said...

I love your photos. I guess everyone needs fiber in their diet. :) I saw these in California and Alaska but they weren't eating flowers. Way cool sighting! Bev

RuthieJ said...

What a pretty little sparrow!

Lynne said...

I love sparrows and this one is a beauty!

Red said...

Thank you Bev! Yep, it was pretty cool.

I agree Ruthie & Lynne, very pretty... even prettier song.

Leedra said...

Lovely photos. I have never seen one of these, thanks for sharing. I don't do real well with ids of birds by sound.

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Red said...

Me either Leedra... I'm a visual learner :) I'm impressed my dad can do it though!

Natural Moments said...

I love that little beak full of flowers. How cute.

Linnea W said...

How cute! Isn't that interesting that they like to eat the flowers...I spotted three interesting birds in my backyard today. I hadn't seen them before. Hopefully that mean old bluejay won't chase them away. Thanks for visiting my SWF post...

Red said...

Hi Bernie and Linnea :) Yes, it sure was cute!

Hope you see the interesting birds again Linnea... maybe even get their pics!


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