Friday, January 23, 2009

How I got my nickname

I'm often asked, so is that how you got your nickname?
Always, the answer is, not really.

It has developed into many meanings and it's becoming appropriate. I guess we really do grow into our names... so you moms to be out there, don't name your kid something like Dweezel or Brittany! ;)

Several years ago, I had no real job and I was attempting to make money by designing landscapes & interior remodels. I have a degree in Architectural Studies (2001) from University of Kansas (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!) and took additional classes in Landscape Architecture when I moved back here. My goal at the time was earn some money and experience and get my M Arch.

Between 2001 and 2003 I got a few clients and did a few jobs. It turns out I'm a sucky business woman and it's all based on a lack of desire. About 2003 I started frittering away my time watching daytime television. This new show came on called Starting Over... it's a reality series and sadly I was hooked. This chick came on the show called PJ and she bugged me so much one day I signed up on their message board under the name "a real redhead". PJ had dyed her hair red on the show and mentioned how it changed her life and her feelings about herself... GAG ME! I don't remember now what she said, but again, it bugged me.

Eventually I started wasting my time on that board and as it is on most message boards or chats, my name got shortened... some called me 'areal', some 'real', and most 'red'. I liked Red, my friends used Red, and some of my least favorite people used Red, but sometimes in combo with other letters, lol. I went through a few variations on Red, but for the most part, that was it on various message boards in the last several years.

I followed a friend onto Blogger, and when I signed up, I decided to use just Red... and the rest is in the archives.

Red works out interesting... I do have reddish hair, technically strawberry-blonde. I now really like the color red. I have a red purse :) My iPhone cover is now red. My bedroom and bathroom sets are red... I've gotten carried away, lol. It's interesting around the house too because my brother has a dog named Redd... and his screenname is ReddLegend. He named himself after his dog... he must think he is Indiana Jones or something - ha!

In case there is still anyone left who doesn't know, my real name is Heidi... it's on the pics for the most part, lol. And for a bit of trivia... when I go to Taco Bell, I give my name as Red because not one of the workers at any restaurant I've been to ever understand how to spell, let alone repeat, Heidi.


Lynne said...

Fun story- I've always wondered how you became Red. We're big on nicknames in my family too. My kids especially have several. My Dad used to call me Lynnderee and Art calles me Lyndie-Lou. Do you mind if I call you Heidi from time to time? I love that name.

Red said...

Lyndie-Lou... that's cute :)

Sure, you can call me Heidi...

speaking of nicknames... all of our pets have several :D

Leedra said...

The can't say Leedra either when I say it. Then one time I said Scott, and they gave my food to a man named Scott. Now I say Lee, but last time they spelled it Leah and the quy couln't say that either.

I liked this post, because I had wondered too.

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Mary said...

So, Heidi. You've been Red for five or six years? Does everyone you know call you Red or only those who have known you that long? Or, is it only your screen name?

I loved reading the history of Red! You are very funny :o)

Mary C said...

Heidi-hi, heidi-ho! LOL! Well, at least I can't sing that using the name "Red!" ;o) Truthfully, I like the idea that you have a "screen" name. Not everyone (especially me) can be that creative - even if you did have a little help from your "friends."

Anonymous said...

I loved reading about the evolution of how you got your name. Thanks for your comments back on Natural Moments. I look forward to getting a new 50D and visiting the Bay Area. There are so many kinds of birds there to see at this time of year.

Thursday's Child said...

I guess having a cousin named Heidi it never occurred to me that someone would have trouble spelling it. I've been spelling it (correctly, I might add) for years.

You should see what people do to the kids' names. {sigh} Guess that's what we get for giving them Lebanese names.

Red said...

LOL Leedra... glad you can relate!

@Mary... nope, in fact very few IRL friends know me as Red - although if I keep meeting online friends and then they are IRL because it's amazing how close I've become to them.

@Mom... way back when, people were warned against using their real names... and perhaps I should make people call me Red IRL since I really HATE that phrase...

@Bernie... thanks :) and I hope you're having a fabulous time down this way.

@Thursday's Child... thank you for spelling it right :D And I can imagine about your kids' names... I have a friend who now lives in CO, but for a while they were in the middle east and they have a couple of non-English names for their kids too. Beautiful names though.

RuthieJ said...

Well, I'm glad it has nothing whatsoever to do with being Communist! :-D
Great story Red!

Red said...

LOL Ruthie! Far from it :D I'm a Ron Paul Girl!

Raggedy Lamb said...

I've been wondering about that. Thanks for the story. ;-)

Red said...

You're welcome :) Have you done something like that? Your name is creative... has to have a back-story.

Anonymous said...

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Heidi said...

Not a problem... thank you :)


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