Friday, March 27, 2009

Tango & Cash are no longer kittens

Aw, my 'babies' are one year old today. They were born in the Santa Clara County Animal Shelter in their mama's cage. They were too young for that staff to care for, so they contacted Town Cats to come and take them. They were fostered by a cute couple, who have since fostered many more cats. They did a great job raising them to be confident little kitties. Tango struts her stuff to all other animals, but not so much with people. Cash is more a people cat and will submit to other animals. They are in so many ways, the same but opposite. Cool cats.

The first several pics were not taken by me. They were taken either by Charles or Ruby Clark and all rights belong to them. They were the foster parents for their first 5 months.

Top row: All the kittens at 2 days old; Mama Nala & her kittens at one month,
Second row: Tango at one month, Cash at one month, Together at one month
Last row: Tango & Cash snoozing, Tango & Cash playing, Cash & his pink puffball

Ruby let Cash take his little pink puffball with him. He still has it and still plays with it. Who knows why he's so attached to it, but he'll play with it, then hide it, then forget it, then cry for it. He doesn't forget so much anymore, but sometimes he does.
The following pics were taken by me.

L to R: Tango & Cash fighting at 10 mos., Tango (r) & Cash (l) on their 1st birthday, Tango (m) & Cash (r) and Tornado (l) in the shot for scale.
Tango is still pretty small. Perhaps she always will be, or perhaps she'll keep growing. Cash will probably grow a little bit more, but mostly thicker over the years. He has a small head, but huge whiskers and a long skinny tail just like Tornado. Tornado's body was like Cash's when he was younger. He's gained some weight in the last few years. They are both pretty heavy, but Tornado is like lifting a sack of potatos. To compare, I can still lift tango by her belly with one hand. She feels like a feather, but visually she's about 85% of Midnight & Misty and 75% of Tornado.


Lynne said...

What pretty kitties. They sure do add alot to our lives don't they?

Darla said...

cute kits! They look happy and healthy too!!

J.G. said...

Happy b-day to both! They are so pretty and sleek, and happy in their forever home.

Tango may always be little. I have had one cat whose normal weight was 7.5 pounds, and another who topped out at 10 pounds. They both could eat all they wanted, but stayed small and slender. Just a body type thing, I guess. (Wish it was that easy for me!)

Jay said...

Aww... they are so cute and beautiful! Happy Purrrf-day to them! What a great story and ending (or beginning) for them. They're so lucky to have you. If you're like me, though, you're the one who feels luckiest to have them! Life just wouldn't be .... LIFE without cats!

Since I'm kind of new to blogging and templates, I thought I'd say that I really like your blog layout. Such nice colors, three columns, soothing, eye-catching, great content, everything comes together ....(pun intended) purrrfect!

RuthieJ said...

Happy Birthday to Tango and Cash! They're mighty pretty kitties!

Mary C said...

Well, I'm finally getting to this one in my reader - gosh, I'm so far behind. Anyway, great job as usual for putting it together. Lots of fun trying to get that last shot of the three cats together. If only everyone else knew what it took to get it. :)

Natural Moments said...

Happy birthday to the cute little kitties. Its good to see they are happy and have a wonderful home.

Red said...

Sorry I'm so late in commenting back folks. It's just been so busy lately!

Lynne, they most certainly do! I can't believe I lived the first 10 or so years of my life without a cat. Since then, I couldn't bear to be without :)

Thanks Darla! I sure hope they are happy ;)

Aw, thanks J.G. LOL, how do they do it??? So far we have not had a cat who stayed trim without us controlling it.

Thanks Jay :) And thanks for the blog compliment! I haven't been changing much lately, but it's time. This theme is my 2008 Winter theme and it's now Spring '09. I love the 3 column thing, but it can be difficult getting the gadgets to behave with it.

Ruthie, thank you. They sure are pretty - so cute little tuxes :)

Yah Mom, 'bout time! True, one of these days I'll have to blog about pet photography - ha ha! Of course most of my readers probably already know how hard it is.

Thanks so much Bernie! They'll be here forever :) Well, as long as they live which hopefully will be forever ;)


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