Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bird Photography Weekly #28

As promised yesterday, here's the Great Egret I saw along the
Los Gatos Creek Trail at the end of the day at Oka Ponds.
Stately bird that is very quiet, yet not all that shy.
Not much of a reflection, but it's better than the over-exposed, slightly fuzzy pic below :)
It was taken with my 100-400mm zoom that I use almost all the time. I was just getting used to it as it arrived a week or so before my wildflower trip last spring.

Still, that was a fun pic because I caught it shaking its feathers dry.
This one was off of Highway One somewhere near the Elephant Seal Rookery.

But these two pics are pretty good. I took it with my ancient 50mm lens that was stock with my Canon EOS 35mm film camera from the late 80s. It's still a great lens that works properly. It may not have image stabilization, but it is light weight and has an f-stop of 1.8.

It is fantastic for landscape shots like these showing off the
fall colors at Vasona Lake, also along the Los Gatos Creek Trail,
and yet, it still manages to capture a nice image of a particular bird.

Please visit more bird photos at the Birdfreaks' site by following the image below.


Natural Moments said...

Hi Red,

I especially like the last photo. There is so much going on in it with the ducks and the varying colours of all the trees and vegetation. Very beautiful.

Darla said...

Great photos here!

Lynne said...

Heidi I love all of these. The lighting around the edges of the Egret in the first picture is neat.

Love, love the third one(my fave). The sun and shade, the whole mood- I wish I were there!

Red said...

Thank you Bernie :) Yes, there was a lot going on there. It was a beautiful fall day.

Thanks Darla :)

Thanks Lynne :) That's one cool thing with Egrets, they have long, thin feathers that catch the light or breeze. That third pic (and fourth) were taken a little bit before the sun was going down and I'll have to find the spot I took the pics from and try again right now in the spring.

Leedra said...

The reflections in photo #3 make the photo, it is really good.

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Larry Jordan said...

All nice captures Red but I really like the last one with the gorgeous backdrop and the water in the foreground. Well done!

Red said...

Thank you Leedra. As you know, fall light is killer on the water :) I remember several of yours from that time period.

Thank you Larry. It was an idyllic scene. Funny thing is I wanted to switch lenses, but was too tired after walking a lot. I'm glad I didn't. I'm getting a lot of positive feedback on those pics.

Mary C said...

Red, weren't those last two photos taken at Vasona Park last fall? It was a day where we parked the car in a residential area, and then walked in on a trail near the dam. No?

Red said...

yes, they were. i also said it below pic #4 ;)

MaineBirder said...

Red, very nice photos!

That old lens still does a great job. The last photo is excellent!

Red said...

That lens truly amazes me. It's been knocked against a rock or two in its day too... I can't remember how much that plus the camera cost, but it couldn't have been all that much, back then I had no money and would die if I spent what I spend these days.

behindthebins said...

Ooooo, I want one of these.


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