Saturday, September 13, 2008

Did I ever???

I have this terrible memory, so I can't remember all the pictures I've shared on here...

So, did I ever share these?

mantid 36

mantid 35

spider 44

And it's been a long while since I've posted flowers, so here's a few others :)

daisy 04

heath 01

And I signed up for Flickr Pro now too, but I feel kinda guilty like I'm two-timing Webshots who I've been with forever. But I love that I can totally organize into sets and sets into collections and other collections into general collections. O_O an organizer's dream!

So you can find me here to add me to your contacts if you wish :)


Mary C said...

I don't remember seeing the heath pic, but I do remember seeing the others - now, whether they were posted or I saw them on your computer I can't remember! ;o)

Mary said...


You are too organized for me. I upload to Flickr for every post and have never organized them. Oh, I might have 3000 or more photos on pro. Maybe more... Perhaps one day or week when I have time, I'll be as organized as you! LOL!

Love your new look.


Mary said...


Leedra said...

The daisy is beautiful!

Red said...

Mom-- yeah, that's my trouble too!
Mary-- LOL, see, I couldn't FIND my photos if they weren't labelled properly, tagged, filed, and uploaded in the same way. However, you wouldn't have a clue about my obsession with files on the computer if you were to take a look at my desk or my bedroom.
Leedra-- thank you! It's a gorgeous flower, and I can't wait until next spring and perhaps we'll have a small bed of them too. This one was at a neighbor's.

zhakee said...

I like preying mantises. They are cool looking little things. I have no clue if you've posted them before... I tried out that pacman game. I have NO CLUE what the point of that game is. I guess the whole pacman thing passed me by, years ago. Maybe I need to find directions...

Red said...

Hi Zhakee! I am sure I have posted mantids before, but I'm not sure if I did that particular one. I had been taking a lot of pictures about that time and perhaps posted other things.

As for PacMan... just avoid the ghosties when they are colored, and use the blinking dot in the corners to uncolor the ghosties and then attack them... and clear all the dots to get to the next level. Bonus if you get the fruit. No real concept, just don't die, lol.

Carrot Jello said...

Well they're new to me. Beautiful, of course. Love the new design.

Red said...

Thank you thank you thank you Carrot! Glad to see you too! I was worried you might be dropping out of the blogosphere. (hope you're still only closed temporarily)


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