Wednesday, September 10, 2008

well... i did it

It's pretty much done. As always, I'll discover a few things that bug me and I'll need to fix it. Right now I've got one where the header comes up with the background right away and there's a delay with the rest of the background below. I don't understand that. I hope it doesn't bug you all too much!

I divided this board up into 3 columns now, so hopefully all who visit here have a screen that is at least 1024x768. According to my sitemeter, that's pretty much the case. ALso, if I haven't posted in a while, you can always entertain yourself by clicking on one of the items in my sidebars... like the PacMan widget I discovered! I think even the patterns of the ghosties are about what I remember from the arcade game :D Way cool! Ooo, I should check and see if they have Centipede!

Enjoy yourselves and if you find a glitch, let me know and hopefully I can fix it!

UPDATE: Found Centipede! It seems it only works in IE for now. It needs Macromedia Flash and I would have thought Firefox had that, but I've been having issues with that browser since they upgraded to 3.0. Ugh. There are two more Centipede widgets, but they seem kinda buggy, no pun intended!


Leedra said...

Alright Jill of all got it fancier than anybody else. Not sure what my old dial up will do with this one, right now I am not on it.

Lynne said...

Red- this is so CUTE!! I love your new site design.

BTW- I still stink at Pacman, always have....

Red said...

Leedra, I thought of you as I contemplated changing it. The new images will have to be cached like from the start. As far as coding goes, hopefully it'll be fine and won't affect your (lack of) speed. The new images should not be too large memory wise, but if they are, I think you'll notice they are the slowest loaders. Let me know and I'll shrink them.

Thanks Lynne! LOL, I still stink at PacMan too... I don't think I ever made it past Level 5 and so far on this have only made it to level 3 once.

Lutheran Lucciola said...

Oh my stars, I LOVE IT!!!

That giant "M" that I see on the header had me cracking up! It's very good, actually. The pac man is hysterical.

I have to change my header, I'm tired of the stupid forest. But not sure what direction I want to go in.

Red said...

Thanks LuLu! Hey, how about firefly or fireflies and cabbage? I wonder if there's a picture out there already for that :D

Mary C said...

Oooh! I really like your signature best. It looks as though you embroidered it.

Red said...

how funny! it does :) I didn't think of that - thanks Mom!

Lutheran Lucciola said...

I was thinking of a giant cabbage bottle. Maybe I should try it.


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