Friday, September 19, 2008

Could they be any cuter?

Cats 48
They're so sweet together :) Sometimes we can't tell them apart despite such a size difference and Cash has only one paw in white.
Cats 51
This one you really can't tell who is who because you can't see the chin or the paws. I just happen to remember it was Cash on top.

Last Sunday, we decided to let the cats out on harnesses, but unfortunately Tornado escaped before we got the harness & leash on him. He didn't go very far and for once was super easy to catch. Here he is coming too close to me to get away, lol. I could take a picture AND catch him. Sad, lol, he used to be so spry ;)
Tornado 33
He sure looks like a panther here :D

Here's Misty - not acting the princess she usually is.
Misty 48
She is on a harness.


Darla said...

Great Cats Red!!
Chocolate Fluff Cook and cool brownies (box)
tear brownies into pieces put in container
layer with chocolate pudding, (instant)
cool whip
crushed candy bars (any flavor)
repeat layering and chill.
You can mix and match any flavors for this recipe. Sometimes we layer fruit in there like cherries.

Mary C said...

It's hard to believe that Tornado is 9 years old - where did the time go? No wonder he seems to be slowing down a bit. I've even noticed when "chasing" him he doesn't really run very quickly anymore. But when we get him in a playing mood he seems to do well, he even jumps occasionally - but not as high.

Red said...

Thanks for the recipe Darla! Mmmmm... I will most definitely get to making that... sounds very easy :D And again, it looks like I would love to dive into it - literally dive!

Mom, it's crazy to think he's that old. How did that happen? How can the girls be 12??? I didn't age, why did they?


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