Saturday, September 20, 2008

I received my first blog award!

Darla from her wonderful blog, Family and Flowers gave me this award. Thank you very much!
To misquote Sally Field... "You like me, you really like me!"

I did some clicking around and found it originated with Patricija from Wisdom of Heart this past Sunday. I'm honored to have received one that hasn't been around forever. That is not to say that I wouldn't want one that has!

Patricija is from Slovenia. She gave it to a bunch of people including Kostas from Greece who gave it to The Fishing Guy who gave it to Darla who gave it to me. I doubt I could do all those links for one that's been around a long time.

So thank you Darla, and here's the list of excellent blogs I wish to award!
In random order because my bookmarks are in random order, lol.
  • Lynne from Hasty Brook because she sees, snaps, and mostly knows a wide variety of animals, especially birds.
  • Zhakee from Sierra Nevada Ramblings because she puts a lot of research and thought into her blogs.
  • Mary with her View whose posts are always hilarious, often informative, and she makes you hope she's got a new post every day to make your day.
  • CarrotJello of OinkleDoinkle whose posts are always a joy to read - not to mention all the comments she receives! She rivals Mary on my google reader hoping.
  • LuLu of Lutheran Lucciola who is just a hoot! She's fascinating and everyone should read her blog :D
  • RuthieJ of Nature Knitter because she's a motorcycle mama and nature lover and hunter AND knitter who is doing projects for auction to donate to charity! An incredible woman!
  • and of course, my mom... I mean who doesn't thank and share credit with their mom?

And as a related aside (due to the international travelling of this award), my sitemeter informs me that in the last 500 entries, I have visitors from 22 different countries! Sweet! Now, if only I spoke more than english and a smidgen of spanish and french! Especially since towards the top I have 4 unique visitors each from the Netherlands, Germany and Romania! Anyway, welcome, beinvenido, g'day, benevenuto, etc.

Oddly enough, though this award has gone from Slovenia to Greece to the US, I have no visitors from Slovenia or Greece. Maybe I will now? I also have only been visited by 29 different US States.


Lutheran Lucciola said...

Oh, thank you!
That reminds me, I completely forgot to extend another award I got....

I like your links, they are new to me. Will check them out!

Red said...

You're welcome! I'm glad you'll check out the others too - hope you like :)

RuthieJ said...

Hi Red,
Thanks very much for this award! I've finally gotten around to accepting it on my blog and passing it on to some other blogs that I love.


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