Friday, September 14, 2007

Day Five

Wow... the vacation is almost done. We're over the hump, and sadly, headed towards home. But I may have to stretch the next few days because the majority of photos haven't even been posted.
Mom's post about Annapolis. I'll try not to duplicate her pics too much.
We set off at a reasonable time in the morning. It was actually pleasant there. There had been a major thunderstorm the night before we arrived and the humidity and heat had not quite yet come back with a vengeance. It was still quite warm and typically humid though. We drove into the historic district and found a parking garage adjacent to the visitor's center where we had planned to make our first stop to see if we could find a tour discussing the architecture and history of Annapolis. Lucky for us, there was one and it was set to start in about 15-20 minutes so we just hung out there and waited and chatted a bit with the guide.
He took us on a 1.5-2 hour tour that was set to end up at the Naval Academy in time for the Noon Meal Formation. I took a video of part of that and will post it in the next post along with specific Naval Academy pictures.
I believe this picture is the frieze of the Post Office but I don't remember for sure. If not, then it is quite nearby to the Post Office.

What is striking about it is its rendition of the Maryland State Seal showing off the coloring of Maryland's flag.
This picture is part of the sculpture set at "Lawyer's Mall" showing Thurgood Marshall and behind him the beams over the columns say "Equal Justice" and "Under Law".

I won't post my pictures of the State House brass rail polishing or the Governor's Mansion because my mom's are better.
The following pictures I took after our tour had ended and we had left the Naval Academy. The guide mentioned that it was a Hyacinth Bean and I noticed that it was the same plant I had thought was an odd sweet-pea at Ferry Farm.
The next three pics are taken at Maryland's WWII Memorial. I really liked walking around in this one. It's a much smaller scale than the one in DC, but I found it to be more striking. It had panels around the outside which of course had the names of those who gave the ultimate during WWII, but it also had plaques inside which gave the history of WWII and most especially Maryland's contribution. It was informative and impressive.

A view of the memorial with Annapolis in the background.

A view of the Naval Yard through the flags of the WWII memorial.


Mary C said...

Great photos of the WWII Memorial - better than mine! :-)

Red said...

Thanks Mom :)
for the one... the main difference was positioning... instead of being behind the opening, i was inline with the opening showing more of the memorial inside.


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