Thursday, September 13, 2007

Day Four

The majority of Day Four was spent gabbing with relatives and for my mom and the others, catching up. For me, I learned a smidgen of info on the family which I will use in the future (probably a long time from now) to research that side's genealogy. I got frustrated on it a long time ago because the info wasn't anywhere I looked.
Anyhoo... we didn't leave until that afternoon amazingly. I swear, we got up for breakfast, talked for a couple hours and that was it. Apparently it was a lot longer than that because we left about 2:30 or 3:00.
I'm sorry I don't have any pictures to post... maybe one of these days I'll get my hands on some and edit this entry.
On our drive we headed up the Atlantic City Expressway towards Philly and had intended on cutting off before we hit Philly, but that didn't happen since we didn't have a map and I chose to not take what was probably the right exit. No biggie... although we did hit quite a bit of traffic. It was worse obviously the closer we were to Philadelphia. But I followed my nose, and without really being out of the way (distance-wise), we headed the way we intended. Basically we were on I-95 too early and too much.
We had intended to go south to Annapolis by crossing over the Delaware Memorial Bridge and then driving down on the 95 until we hit SR 1 south through Delaware and then going east on 299 to the US 301 over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge into Maryland. I think all in all it probably added another hour to the driving, but no biggie... there wasn't anything we had planned other than heading to Annapolis.
The drive was very nice. It was rural and kind of a cross between the Mid-West and the Central Coastal region of California. There were farms and open space and not quite as many trees as were everywhere else. It felt very open and was beautiful.
Since the drive was quite long, we stayed in that evening, although I believe it was still light out when we reached Annapolis.

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