Saturday, September 15, 2007

Day Five continued
US Naval Acacdemy

* edited to improve quality of video... don't know where the annoying green spots came from.
As promised on my mom's blog here are two videos of the noon formation. The first is the short version (1.5 min) and it was taken at the beginning of the march.

The second is the long version (3.5 min) and was taken at the conclusion of the march. There are two tunes played on this one. Overall, I think there were 5 tunes within a medley played and it must have lasted 15-20 minutes. What was most amazing was that the crowd was virtually silent and it was a huge crowd watching.

After watching the formation we headed back over to the chapel where we could take pictures that we didn't have the time for when our tour guide took us through quickly.

It is a gorgeous building with a lot of stained glass. There is also a large and beautiful votive ship model that for me was extremely difficult to take a good picture of. Not one was good, and only one of 10 was decent. I'll leave that one for Mom to post.
Below are pictures of some of the details in the interior: lower door panel, stained glass panel, overall stained glass window of the panel above, stained glass of Noah's Ark, a Tiffany glass window, and the dome.

Down below, John Paul Jones' remains are kept. I took a couple of pictures of it, but the dark marble of the sarcophagus and the dimness of the crypt, and the quickness of my attempt made the picture too dark, so not worth it to post.
After we were done taking pictures on "The Yard" we wandered back into Annapolis and took a few more pictures (like the Hyacinth Bean in the previous post) and went and had lunch in the market area. We had crab of course.
After lunch it was getting rather warm, and late too, and we were tired from walking all over, so we headed back to the car and took off down to our next stop, which was the hotel near Mount Vernon.


RuthieJ said...

Nice photos, Red! I especially like the close-up of the Noah's Ark stained glass. Sounds like you girls had another busy vacation day.

Red said...

Thanks Ruthie :)
I have to admit a bit of Photoshop took place there... I cropped and skewed it to look like I imagined I took the picture ;)
We definitely took a lot of pictures this day. It was a busy morning, but it didn't feel so much like it. I think because the weather was nicer that day.


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