Monday, May 25, 2009

Remembering those who gave their all

The real reason for Memorial Day that each year seems to be forgotten more and more. Although I'm certain my readers haven't forgotten, in the megalopolis that is Silicon Valley there are just 5 events going on. We have at least 7 cities in there, and San Jose itself has dozens of neighborhoods that have their own community centers. One would think there would be more events. And of those events, two of them were listed in the local paper as a rememberance of those in the community. Those who? Those veterans? All those who died? It used to be those who died serving their country... the way it is written implies anyone who has passed on. sigh...

Well, I remember... and I thank you and your families who also sacrificed along with you.

Our flag flying in the yard.

Here are some of the memorials I've visited in recent years. I loved them all and each were touching. Most people see the ones on the mall in our nation's capitol, but it is rewarding to visit those in various states as well.

Alaska Veterans Memorial
(mentions all the branches of service)

World War II Memorial, Annapolis, MD
(Naval Academy across the river)

World War II Memorial, Annapolis, MD

World War II Memorial, Washington D.C.

World War II Memorial, Washington D.C.
I think this was my favorite part of the memorial

World War II Memorial, Washington D.C.
Washington Monument in background

Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington D.C.
Washington Monument reflected

Vietnam Women's Memorial, Washington D.C.


Linda in Erie said...

I agree about the number of events in honor of Memorial Day. It's turned into a BBQ day. The meaning has been lost just like Easter and Christmas. I love your tribute in photos and your flag looks beautiful waving in the breeze. We visited the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC early spring a few years ago and we were the only ones there for quite some time until one other couple showed up. Seeing the photos over the years didn't do the memorial justice. Seeing the names and the reflection on the wall were moving.

Red said...

Thanks Linda! My trip to DC was while it was hot a humid. One day I hope to be there in spring when the cherry trees are blooming.

The video was taken with my new Canon Rebel T1i that is a DSLR that now does video. Our afternoon breezes came earlier than expected on Sunday so I was able to catch that - after several attempts - flying just in time for yesterday's holiday.

The Vietnam Memorial is one of my favorites, glad it is moving for you too. I hear there are a lot of people that don't like it because it disturbs them. I think that's good... memorials should.

Mary C said...

Nicely composed post, Heidi. Lovely photos, too.

Red said...

Thank you :)


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