Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rancho San Antonio II

On the same day we went to the duck pond at Palo Alto Baylands (here & here), Mom also wanted to go to Rancho San Antonio. We stopped there on the way home and went for a quick hike in search of the Wild Turkeys (the bird, not the drink) spotted in the area. We heard them, two I think, but never saw them.

But we did see the ubiquitous Scrub Jays, Steller's Jays, and surprising (to me anyway) a few American Robins. Most of them up near the Deer Hollow Farm where most of the visitors go.
Skinny little feller

Proud stance, but begging.
I guess a lot of people feed these animals.

Brave Robin, I was just a couple of feet away
from it and had to back up to take it's picture.

The prize of the day though, were the quail. I'd never seen so many in one place and I'd never ever had such a great look at them! They are just beautiful.
Quail couple
Unfortunately the lens aperture value was too low and I wasn't able to capture the male and female together crisply in one shot. In fact, the female was very difficult. She moved too quickly and blended in with the ground too well. This was the only chance they afforded me too.
Is it wrong to think he looks rather yummy?
It was getting close to dinner time and I didn't grab a lunch either.

We also saw a bunny

a farm cat

And a deer with big eyes.

Rancho San Antonio has a lot to offer, but I never enjoy myself there. TOO MANY PEOPLE! Parks and Preserves just shouldn't be that accessible, you know?


Linda in Erie said...

The scrub jays do look skinny compared to our bluejays but pretty just the same. I love your photos of the California Quail. They remind me of small wood ducks with a fashion accessory on top. Lots of people is one of the reasons I hesitate to think of moving back to California. Here there are times when we are the only one in the whole area. We don't see anyone the whole day. It's like they closed it just for us. Only on Memorial Day and Steelhead season do you have to walk a bit to get a fishing spot all to yourself.

Red said...

Hi Linda, I sure envy you sometimes being the only ones around. I know I can't expect that here, but Rancho must get far more visitors than most. The scrub jay was by far the skinniest I have ever seen! Most are plump, especially the ones that visit our yard. I have yet to see a wood duck but I imagine the coloring is similarly bright.

RuthieJ said...

Great picture Heidi!
The next time I come to California, I'm not leaving until I see a Steller's Jay!

Red said...

Thanks Ruthie! Yep, you'll have to visit the mountains or foothills. They like the more forested areas it seems.

Zhakee said...

what nice animal shots you got! That buck is beautiful.

Red said...

Thanks Zhakee. And hopefully it survives a few more years and sticks to the hills away from the roads - and avoids the mountain lions.

Thursday's Child said...

Here's a blog you might like to check out. He's an avid bird watcher here in Kuwait.

Adam R. Paul said...

Lucky you to get seomwhat cooperative quail - I find them very wary generally, and although I've seen a great many, I've only captured good photos a couple of times!

I know what you mean about Rancho San Antonio being busy - I grew up nearby and it's always been a well-utilized park. But hey, just be glad that there are a lot of people in the area who are into the outdoors, and hopefully are preservation-minded!

J.G. said...

The quail are so lovely! I think what I like about them is that they have a couple different themes going on in their feathers, not just one thing like the cardinals or robins. They're kind of . . . Renaissance?

(Sorry, obviously I need more coffee!)

Carrot Jello said...

Happy birthday!

Leedra said...

Remember you were one of those many people there. Enjoyed the stroll with you.

Mary said...

Beautiful photos, Red. I love the quail - I've never seen them.

Your photography is sharp! And, I like the new look of your blog.

I just came from your Mom's and I commented on hers, too.


Red said...

Thursday's Child - I meant to thank you a long time ago... I subscribed to that feed. Nice to know places like Kuwait have folks like us nature nuts too :)

Thanks Adam! True, it's a good thing. I'm just more of a loner and don't like being out in nature with so many other. On the other hand, more people = more trash & beaten down trails :(

J.G. - lol, coffee or no coffee, I agree. They have a lot going on and it's beautiful. ALthough I'd get excited over a Cardinal - don't have those here.

Thank you Carrot Jello! I'm thrilled you still remember even if I ignore the date anymore :D

Glad you enjoyed Leedra.

Thanks Mary! Glad to see you back in blogland and especially that you visited me. Of course, that's just about the time I started neglecting my blog. Summer... ah - so much more daylight, yet so much more I want to do.


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