Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cornell's All About Birds

My favorite site for learning more about birds I hear or see and their close relations revamped their entire site over the last several months and just a couple weeks ago released their changes to the world. It's gorgeous, the design is clean and dynamic all at once; very impressive.

In this process, they got involved in the Flickr community and set up a Flickr Group called Birdshare that asked folks if they would like to join the community on the terms that you grant permission for the photos you share to be used at Cornell Lab of Ornithology's website. I was more than happy to join such a group.

In that process, two photos were ultimately chosen. That was exciting to find out. Actually the first one I found entirely by accident. I was browsing the "Building Identification Skills" page and there it was on picture 6 of 8... the Western Scrub Jay. Then I searched for the bird and there it was again. So cool!

Then last week Cornell went through the trouble of notifying all those whose pics had been used and I found out a Band-tailed Pigeon pic of mine was also used! It's on the Rock Pigeon page as a similar species. That makes sense. When I took the photo, it was hanging out with the Rock Pigeons and I really didn't notice it was different than the others until later when editing the photos.

This is by far the best credit I've ever received for any of my photos. Currently I have a Dark-eyed Junco pic that might end up in a Bird Poetry book. The author contacted me a couple months ago and asked permission. I granted it and in return he promised to send me a copy of his book. That will be incredible when that occurs!

And soon, we'll probably use some of my photos for bulletin covers at church. I haven't pushed for that at all :) But I do have a little bit of an in since people always see my screen saver and that's always my picture showing up. I'm trying not to get a big head! Really though, that's pretty easy to do because all I have to do is look at other people's photos and realize I have so much more to learn.


J.G. said...

How exciting! It's always nice to get some recognition, especially on such a large scale. Way to go!

Darla said...

Great Job! You should be proud of yourself..

Mary C said...

That's so cool! Now you see why I always wanted to take you along as my semi-professional photographer when going on birding festivals. Too bad you can't get a week off in November to go to the Crane Festival in New Mexico. ;o)

Red said...

Thanks J.G. and Darla! I am proud and excited :) Trying not to let it go to my head though, lol, and that's not easy.

Thanks Mom! Yeah, too bad. Although every year gets easier and easier. One of these days, I'll be able to take a vacation at a slightly more active work time. For now, looks like just Pentecost, although I'd better start making plans or the Pastors will have taken ALL the dates. They get way too many vacations.

Leedra said...

Congratulations on Cornell using your photos....and a book!

Leedra’s Photos For FunLeedra’s Greeting CardsPhotography By Leedra

RuthieJ said...

Great news Heidi! Congratulations!
And when you're famous I'm going to tell people that I knew you way back when you were just a beginning birdwatcher! ;-)

Red said...

Thank you very much Leedra!

Thanks Ruthie :) And seeing as you are a rising star in the citizen scientist group, I'll do the same. I'll bet you start writing articles for some bird journals and such :)

Zhakee said...

Congrats on having your images used by such a great bird data base. I like Cornell too.

Red said...

Thank you Zhakee :)

Heather said...

Those are fantastic photos. I especially love the Scrub Jay (I really have a thing for those west coast Jays, even though our own Blue Jays are beautiful)! Congratulations to you. I'm glad that Cornell is so willing to accept our photos - I'm sure they realize they can get many more photos this way rather than by just using the pro photographers they have on staff (plus they don't have to pay us!).

Red said...

Exactly Heather :D


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