Sunday, January 18, 2009

Redd and Mick

These are my brother's two dogs. Redd is a Siberian Husky and Mick is an Alaskan Husky, which technically means mutt. Mick is short for McKinley. My brother bought Redd back in 1996 from the Central Valley. They've been best buds since. He was a really cute puppy.

He moved up to Alaska in 2000 I think and while there, he and his then girlfriend acquired Mick. Mick was a trouble maker and still is... but she is sweet. Silly girl got her tongue stuck to the rim of a tire... you people in the cold states know how that happened!

Today my dad took them for a walk, and I just happened to have my camera trying to get the birds out on the front porch. The lighting was just awesome... here's the shots I got. Mick wouldn't look at me when I called, so she didn't get an individual shot.


RuthieJ said...

Such pretty doggehs!
I met a lady at a craft fair once who spun dog fur like that into yarn and had knitted a hat for her son--very warm!

Lynne said...

Beautiful dogs. What's it like with two Red's in the house?

adampaul said...

Beautiful dogs indeed! Well-captured!

Red said...

Thank you all :)

Ruthie... I bet my brother would love that. I'll have to find someone around here who spins. Twice a year you can brush them daily and each day make another dog with their fur. The rest of the year, once a week you get that much.

Lynne... even more confusing, my brother's screenname is ReddLegend... ha! I'll have to write a post on how I got my nick at least. It's more than just a description.

Thank you Adam... they are beautiful.

Leedra said...

I agree the light was awesome in these photos. I am not a real dog person, but I really like all of these photos.

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Leedra’s Greeting Cards
Photography By Leedra

Mary C said...

Redd sure doesn't show his age in these photos, does he? Who would believe that he's 13 years old? And Mick is 8? Good shots, Red!

Red said...

Thanks Leedra :) I'm not really a dog person either, but these two are pretty cool, especially Redd. Mick is a bit high strung.

Mom, I forgot to put their ages... glad you did. Yes, Redd doesn't show his age at all... and oddly enough, he seems to act more like a pup all the time.


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