Monday, December 08, 2008

Bird Photography Weekly #15

Well, seeing as how it's duck-hunting season (or so I hear), I thought I'd feature some waterfowl that have survived the season, and will if they stay where they are at the Mountain View Shoreline Regional Wildlife and Recreation Area.

Here are just a few Northern Shovelers. At least I am pretty sure the vast majority of them flying at that moment were NS. It was an amazing sight to see hundreds flying around all at the same time.
A few of the closer ones landed in front of me, but it made a few of those already there fly off.
There were more than these three fishing in a pond, but there were so many reeds blocking my path, I couldn't get an overall shot. Still, it made for easy id confirmation at home.
Here's a few more on the mudflats a couple hundred yards from the pond.
And here's what they look like after rooting around in all that mud. They look like it would be hard to fly before they get a bath, lol.
Here's on lady by herself. A year ago, I would have called it a mallard. Heck, a month ago, I would have too, lol. I now see a difference - notably in the bill. It's very wide and flat and no orange. And I guess that's why it's a "shoveler".
She posed pretty for me :)
Here's a male stud showing the ugly coots who's da duck. Actually, this was a totally lucky shot. I was just looking through the lens to see if there were different birds out there, and wasn't intending to shoot, but out of habit I pressed the shutter and it happened to do that at just the right time.


RuthieJ said...

Pretty ducks--the last picture is the best! Thanks for sharing your trip with us Red.

mick said...

Great shots of all those ducks. Its great that you are learning the different characteristics of the different species - but it all sounds pretty difficult to me! I still have a lot to learn about ducks!

Sparverius said...

Great pictures of the Shovelers. I enjoy watching these ducks. Maybe it's just that bill I'm intrigued with. It is so out of proportion.

zhakee said...

Ducks are such pretty birds, and I always love watching how rapidly they fly by. Seeing so many all in one area must have been a great treat.

Natural Moments said...

My parents live in the Bay Area, so I'm excited to head down that way again to visit the shorelines and the abundance of birds you guys have in the winter months.

Bob and Cynthia Kaufman said...

Cool shots of the Shovelers!

Red said...

Thanks a lot everyone for all the comments! It was a fun outing even though it was really quick and kinda cold and dark.

Vickie said...

Terrific shoveler photos. They say so much about their behavior.

Mary said...

Don't feel alone. I, too, thought I was photographing a Mallard last winter when it was a Northern Shoveler. Now, I always check out the bill before commenting on my find :o)

Great shots, Red!


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