Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pretty in Pink

More roses - not the movie, lol - although I wouldn't mind seeing it again. It's been a couple years.
rose_sideyrd 14
This time it's our pink rose in the sideyard. It was planted about 5 feet away from the red rose in a previous post. Both of these roses - actually all in the sideyard - we inherited when my parents purchased the house back in 1999. They seem like they were planted a good 25 years ago, maybe more. I wonder how long rose bushes can live.

rose_sideyrd 01
The pic above is the standard for this particular one. Again, we don't know it's name. It is a little fussier than the red one and stays about 3-4 feet high throughout the year. The scent is the traditional rose scent that you might find in a rose perfume.

rose_sideyrd 09
There was one particular bud this year that was more than plain pink. It was gorgeous.

rose_sideyrd 12
And a full screen view - I love this when it pops up in my screensaver.

rose_sideyrd 03
This one was the more traditional pink and I tried to get a closeup of it's insides. But, this rose tends to stay very tight up until it starts dropping the petals, thus making it also a great cut rose - but no fun with the macro ;)


Mary C said...

Posting all these photos makes me wish it was spring! :-)

Leedra said...

Lovely photographs. I think rose bushes can live a long time, but don't know for sure. Red to pink?

Red said...

Red to pink :) I think I'll do the miniature roses next.


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