Saturday, October 18, 2008

Waddell Beach & Rancho del Oso

I forgot a few creatures at Rancho del Oso, so I'll post them here as well.

At Waddell Beach, I already posted the surfers, so here are a few of their companions.
Harbor Seals
Some kind of Cormorant fishing
A gorgeous Brown Pelican in its full winter colors
and finally, a bird I'm not sure of at all. It could be a Shearwater, a Jaeger, or even a Gull. :( Unfortunately, not one of the pictures is crisp and clear, although that probably wouldn't help me either.
At Rancho del Oso, I forgot about the Anna's Hummingbird, the Bumble Bee, and the Band-tailed Pigeons.


Darla said...

Great photos Red. Love the lone Hummer with the lone Morning Glory!

Mary C said...

Good shots, Red. Great pelican shot. It sure was a different environment to see those band-tailed pigeons in the pine tree compared to seeing them roosting on the wires behind our house, wasn't it?

RuthieJ said...

I really liked the picture of the pelican too! I'm jealous you guys have hummingbirds year-round too.

Red said...

Thanks Darla! That's pretty amazing that a hummingbird would spot that lone flower from wherever it came from. Even more amazing were the birders who spotted it. It took me at least 30 seconds to find it when they pointed.

Yes Mom, it is different. I could barely see them compared to here on the wires.

Thanks Ruthie :) From what I understand, it's pretty much just the Anna's that stick around, but some of them might be migrants too.

Leedra said...

Lovely photos.

I have given you a blogging award. Please come by for a visit and to retrieve your award.

Denise said...

Fantastic Leedra, always a great pleasure to come here.

Red said...

Thank you Leedra! I will do that :)

Denise, thanks for stopping by! I see Leedra also awarded you, so I will be checking your blog out and probably subscribing :)


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