Saturday, August 23, 2008

New News!

As promised (a day late) in the last post, I have some new news.
Mom and I adopted a pair of kittens!

Meet Tango and Cash :D Tango is in the back and Cash is up front with the white chin. They were woken up from a nap when I took this, so that's why he looks a bit buzzed.

I adopted them from Town Cats so if you're in the south bay, I very much recommend them - or you could donate to them. They really really care about who adopts their rescues.

Tango & Cash were from a litter of five who were born in the Santa Clara County Humane Society. Their mama was picked up (and she's very very sweet) and instead of spaying her right away they put it off for a few days. Although I'm not sure I like the idea of spaying a cat who is full term... the kittens inside are essentially aborted. But since they put it off, the kittens were born in the Humane Society. They were all going to be euthanized, but Town Cats rescued them and 4 of them have all been adopted out. Unfortunately one of them lived only a couple weeks. It got sick and never recovered.

By the way, the picture's not my usual quality, but it's their first pictures taken by me. I used my new iPhone to do it so it would be less intrusive. Perhaps tomorrow they'll be ready for the big camera. Cash is ready already. He wants out of his "safe room" (read my bathroom) and is a very confident kitty. Tango is more cautious, but I think we've bonded already. I can't wait for them to cuddle with at night :D That may be quite a while though because Misty & Midnight usually spend the night on my bed and they may not like the newcomers. We'll see - they aren't cuddlers though, so maybe they'll be cool with it if they can tolerate the kittens.


Lynne said...

I don't at all understand spaying a cat with full term kittens. I'm glad they were rescued and that you and your Mom got two. Congratulations on your new kitties! I'm looking forward to more pix and stories. Love the names too- I'm a big Kurt Russell fan!

Mary C said...

As "mama" # 2 I can say how adorable they are. As I get to know them a little better I will be able to distinguish between the two even more. I really do hope that eventually all kitties will get along; otherwise it will be quite a challenge dealing with all of the cats in this small house. ;o)

Red said...

Hi Lynne!
On a rational level I understand, but it sure breaks my heart. I think the theory is that there are so many others that can't even get adopted and also they don't have the staff to care for infants especially since they don't like to or really can't keep the animals around forever. Which of course is where rescue societies come in.

Im a big Kurt Russel fan too! I must have seen that movie at least 5 times on tv. We didn't name them but that is what partly drew me to them. It was Cash's chin that had me click on their picture and then the description seemed to be what we were looking for and missing too much with Avalanche gone.

Lol Mom, it is not small! There is plenty of room. But of course life will be so much easier if they all like eachother or at the least tolerate.

Lutheran Lucciola said...

Aww!! They are so pretty! Yay, kitties!

zhakee said...

congrats on the new family members! New kitties are exciting. I hope your other cats accept them with ease.

Red said...

Thanks LuLu and Zhakee! Zhakee, it's amazing, it has not taken long at all for all to calm down. Now, no one is becoming fast friends or anything, but the hissing and growling at the doors have stopped and they have now all enjoyed an open door policy. More on that later :D

RuthieJ said...

Congratulations! They sure are cute!

Red said...

Thanks Ruthie! I concur :D


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