Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another shameless kitten post

Yes, I know, but I can't help it.

I was going to post some cute pics and mention how well everyone is doing, but now instead we have a crazy story to tell!

See this little one? (Cash)

Doesn't he look all sweet and innocent?


See this pic?

You'll never ever guess where the little monster ended up!

Really, you never will. So I might as well just tell you.

He got himself behind the upper cabinet. What's that you say? "But, it looks like it's against the wall!?!" "It looks permanent." Um, yeah, it most definitely is. Well, because it was a corner cabinet, it had a kitten sized triangle opening in the back corner. The little monster who obviously will live up to his name and cost us big bucks throughout his lifetime, went nose first down that hole and couldn't get himself back out!!!

He was crying and crying and we didn't know what to do. Poor little baby. I had hoped he had enough room to turn himself around and climb his way back up, but it turns out he was just trying to back himself out. He tried pretty hard too. But there was nothing he could do. There wasn't anything we could do either. There's only about 12-18 inches of space above that cabinet and it's about 3.5' tall above the counter. I'm 5' tall and fat, so there was no way I was able to reach more than my fingers over the edge of the hole.

I turned to my mom and said, "we have two options: call 911 or Neal (contractor friend)" She said, "I'd rather call Tim (my bro) first." I went "ffttht" to that, "whatever, then call him because I can't do this." I was trying to unscrew the screws holding it to the wall. Tim answers his phone and once he stops laughing (admittedly this is hilarious) he says he'll be home in 1/2 an hour. Well his sense of time is about as good as my dad's sense of distance (i'll save that for another time) so he got home nearly an hour later. Luckily, my mom had the good sense to wait about 5 minutes after that and call Neal. He came right over - about 10-15 minutes later - and assessed the problem. He's about 6' or 6'1" and in great shape as a contractor should be. He managed to lean over and used his flashlight to peer down the hole. He saw (and i quote) "kitty butt," ROFL! He tried to reach down and grabbed a couple of paws... the back paws. About 3 minutes later Cash was out, none the worse for wear. Neal said there were lots of claw marks on the wall back there... no doubt!

I went out back and found a piece of wood for Neal to cover the hole with so we don't ever have to go through this again. He was out of there just a few minutes later. 10-15 minutes later, Tim comes strolling in. (rolling eyes here). Ok, now that I add that up, Tim was home about 45 minutes after we called. Still, it was a major emergency and he obviously didn't get that because he stopped off at the fridge or pantry for some food first. Oye! Brothers!!!

So anyway, I guess Cash has only 8 lives left and he's only 5 months old. None of our other cats ever got into so much trouble before. The worst I remember was Misty getting stuck in a tree that I ended up having to climb to get her down. No big deal.

He seems to be a little tuckered out tonight, but other than that, not traumatized. We thank you so much Neal! You're the best and we owe you big time!

Now just for fun, here's an adorable pic of his sweet sister Tango :D

Obviously she's going to rival Misty as model. By the way, I did buy them a bed! But typical cats, they like the box better to snooze in during the day. They sleep at night with my mom. (she's so lucky!) But we wonder if that'll change when my dad gets back from his latest backpacking trip.


Lynne said...

Hilarious story Red!! That kitty is sure to be full of them- keep us posted!

Leedra said...

Liked the story, but just reassured me, I don't want animals.

Mary C said...

Pets definitely keep one's life interesting! Cash, one down and 8 to go! Tornado, two down and 7 to go! ;o))

RuthieJ said...

LOL -- just the first in a lifetime of kitty adventures, I'll bet!

Darla said...

That cat keeps you moving.

Red said...

thanks for commenting everyone! i thought i had posted a reply, but i guess not...
Yep, Cash really does keep us moving. He has gotten into less and less trouble every day, but he's still pretty darn active and I'm having the hardest time getting pictures of him doing something cute. Tango is much easier!


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