Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Birds

It's been a scene right out of The Birds at work recently.

This whole week I've been hearing a lot of these suckers cawing like crazy. With the windows closed and the AC on and everything! This afternoon from the office to the car, I counted 6 of them circling above my car in the redwood tree I park under. Then I spotted a few more over near the school buildings in and around another redwood tree.
Here's a nice up close picture of one... I'm not messing around with it, would you?

In addition, it was the first really hot day of the year. This evening at about 6:15 I took this picture... bear in mind it was on the north side of the house in the shade as well as a couple hours past peak temps.

Check out the damage it did! These are our Red Poppies... one of the very few non-natives we have growing. Still, they are nice, but obviously can't take the heat. The first one I took yesterday morning before work (yeah yeah i was late, lol) and the second one about 6:15 this evening.

Be sure to check over at my mom's blog for crispy closeups and an update on those poppies!


Mary C said...

If anyone reading this wants to see a close-up of those poor fried poppies, go to
It's really sad to see flowers such as these to succumb to mid-to-high 90 degree weather. Since I'm home today I've hosed down the area where those flowers are, hoping to "save" the one that bloomed this morning.

Red said...

be sure to check Mary C's blog for those closeups and an update on the poppies.

zhakee said...

I love that bird image with all of those ravens (crows?) sitting on the playground equipment. I've read that the numbers of both ravens and turkey vultures are increasing to make up for the loss of condors. Need those scavengers. But, playing on that playground if you were a very little kid does not look safe.

Red said...

Zhakee, I have to confess, that picture wasn't one of mine. Alfred Hitchcock took it. But I seriously felt like I was a little kid in that playground last week!

I've visited the place where he filmed for The Birds up at Bodega Bay... didn't see that many birds, lol. Of course I always hope I don't either.


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