Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It is most definitely fall

but did it leave already? Winter is here already! Our rainy season has started up again. Great for our water system... but oddly early. What will happen in January & February our typical wettest months?

But enough whining... here's a taste of fall :)
Crape Myrtle Berries with neighbor's red-leafed tree in background.
Ornamental grass seed blooms.
Canna seed pod - although I'm sure it's sterile.
And just for the colors:


Mary said...


Oh... thanks for visiting me. It lead me to your wonderful blog! I admire your photography and messages. That hummingbird photo is outstanding!!! I would love to know what camera you use.

You last post "It is most definitely fall", is something we are looking forward to. With the drought and unusual heat, it's hard to imagine Autumn.

I'll be back!


Red said...

Hi Mary!
I noticed in the comment on the previous post you did come back! Cool... or maybe it was the same visit... either way, you're welcome back any time.

My camera is brand new, and it's a Canon EOS 40D and the lens I used on that shot was a Sigma 105mm Macro. I did crop the picture quite a bit, but luckily the camera is a 10.1 megapixel. I took that the first day I got it and was very very lucky because I've tried to catch the hummingbirds again and again, and none of them turned out that good.

Carrot Jello said...

I've never seen a canna seed pod. That's really neat.

Red said...

Thank you :)

That's what you see when you are lazy like me and not chop off the stalk when the bloom is done.


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