Wednesday, October 10, 2007

a few favorite recent photos

Hummingbird coming towards our feeder.
I think an Anna female.

Croton bloom.
Sadly it happens so infrequently and so fast.

Canna Lily flower.


Carrot Jello said...

Love the pictures, and this background is so cool. You should set up a little blog template business.

Mary C said...

Oooh! I like your background, even more than the psychedelic template. That hummingbird pic really stands out with your frame and new background.

Red said...

@ carrot... thank you! wanna be my agent? i'm so not business minded.

@ mom... thanks :) ... actually it started out as something to show off the pictures which I was planning to post more of... and snowballed (or fell) from there.

Mary said...

Red, now I know the relation...LOL! You changed your template!!!

I need help with mine!

Hi Mary C!

Red said...

LOL Mary!
Yup, changed the template to show off the pictures for a bit... that and it's fall. Changing seasons make me want to redecorate my blog and other websites.

If you let me know what you're looking to do with your blog I can create something - it's free even - and send you the files to install.

I don't use the blogger adjusting commands because they just don't give enough control (i'm a control freak) so I taught myself html and css by googling. Best website to learn from is - I still refer to it when editing blogs or message boards.

JustRandi said...

WOW! Just really wow on the pictures. I can't even imagine getting shots like that.
And thanks for the tip on the html website. I'm in the middle of template changing h*** because I thought it would just be a quick switchover.

Red said...

Thanks so much justrandi! I admit... I'm proud of them myself :)

I hope that website helps you!

And thanks for stopping by!


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