Saturday, September 01, 2007

History Tour 2007

AKA my vacation. I'm back now... have been for about three days. And in that time, besides catching up on my work, I have been labeling and identifying my pictures to post them. I will do them only a little at a time because otherwise it would be overwhelming. I took more than two hundred photos (231 to be exact) and of those I have edited and tagged 128 for posting. Geez... that's still too much, but I hope it'll be worth it. Perhaps I'll be more judicious when posting.

For one week, my mom and I had a pretty good time seeing things we haven't seen and some things we've seen before. Our itinerary was basically for the first two and a half days to be in Virginia and see Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Ferry Farm. Then for a half-day, drive up to South New Jersey where a lot of our relatives live who were having their annual reunion that day. We spent the night and half the next day there having a good time. Then we drove down to Alexandria, VA where we'd spend the next two nights. The following day we went to DC and the last day we went to Mount Vernon and then flew out that afternoon.

Don't worry... I'll still find time to post about the psychedelic banner here. I keep promising... I will, I will.

Oops... i forgot Annapolis. From Jersey we went to Annapolis and spent the night and the next day there. THEN we went to Alexandria.

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