Saturday, September 29, 2007

Day Six continued
The Memorials

Lest I forget the rest of the trip, I had better finish up my vacation blog. Especially since my mom has finished already.
When last I posted, I said I'd get to the memorials... what was the second half of our day in DC. After we left the botanic gardens we were quite hungry, so we wandered off the mall in search of food. With all these large buildings around, surely there was a plethora of eateries nearby. I'm still confused as to where they all were, but we wound up at the nearest metro station and just outside of there was a sandwich shop. This was THE BEST sandwich I had ever had, and I thought nothing could top Togo's, but I found one that did! Potbelly Sandwich Works. I had their Italian and to my surprise it was toasted... yummm... Quizno's had toasted but it's gross in comparison. Potbelly's was just the right amount of meat, cheese, and bread and the sandwich was just the right size... not too big, but enough to satiate.

Since we were right by the metro, we decided to hop on and get off at the Smithsonian stop and head back down the mall through the memorials. We headed down the path, and I took a few shots of Washington Monument. Here's the best one... it was difficult timing the cars and getting a decent composition.

Some of the sites we saw when we arrived at Washington Monument are the Smithsonian Castle, the Reflecting Pool and Lincoln Memorial and WWII Memorial, and even a slight glimpse of the White House.

The skies let a cool glimpse of light through while we were there.

We next headed down to the WWII Memorial which we both wanted to see. The last time I was in DC was 1985 and my mom was there like the month before the WWII Memorial was dedicated.

While resting up there for the next bit of walking... I spied a duck on the waterfall of the WWII Memorial and couldn't resist taking it's picture.

Next we wandered down towards the Vietnam Memorial, our next stop and one I wanted to see a lot. I remembered it from my last trip, but I definitely had a different perspective then. On the way down, we noted the reflecting pool had waaayyyy too many geese. It also was past due for some cleaning as it wasn't all that reflective.

Here's the shots of the Vietnam Memorial and the Women's Memorial which I didn't remember at all.

We thought about going to the Lincoln Memorial next, but I was dead tired and didn't want to walk any farther. We then headed to the nearest bus stop to wait for a ride to the nearest Metro station. Ok, so we could have rested a few minutes and hoofed it to the Metro as it was only 1 more mile, but I really really didn't want to go any further, so we waited for the next bus which was 30 minutes later. We had just missed the last, but who knew they ran that spaced out and in rush hour no less!


Mary C said...

Just to clarify - I was at the World War II Memorial in May 2004, the Thursday before the dedication which was to be held on Saturday and Sunday. BTW, great photos! I'm gonna see if I can "link" this post with one of mine.

Red said...

ah... okay, a few days before...


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