Sunday, September 30, 2007

Day Seven
Mount Vernon and The End

Sadly, here is where our trip ends. We had the morning to hit Mount Vernon and then leave by 2-ish to catch our 5 o'clock plane at BWI.
My mom posted about Mount Vernon and here you can see a couple images of the plantation mansion and a video of this little guy.

Other than in the gardens, this is probably my best shot at the plantation. It's a picture of the ever-ubiquitous Crape Myrtle juxtaposed with a rustic building which turned out to be a dung repository.

Though the tour was nice, and the museum was nice, the best part was the Upper Gardens. I think I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

And finally, a 30 second video.

After this it was already 2pm so we quickly left and hit the road... which once again was packed! Construction EVERYWHERE... and we had to rush to our flight... good thing there wasn't a big line to get through security because I was starving. We hadn't had anything to eat because we basically got up, packed and took off to Mount Vernon thinking we'd get something to eat there. But we were in luck... on our way to our gate, we noticed a Potbelly Sandwich Works right there at BWI... woo hoo! So even though I was dying for more, we split a sandwich because our flight was already boarding. Though it felt like hardly anything, it sure hit the spot.


Carrot Jello said...

The colors are so vivid! Looks like you had a fabulous time!

Red said...

Thanks for commenting Carrot! We did have a fabulous time... I suppose we packed in too much, because we needed a vacation from our vacation.

I love the colors too... I put them in my screen saver and they pop up all the time.

Mary C said...

Great job, Red. Hopefully, we have complemented each others' posts on each of our perspectives of a really nice vacation, although it was too short, and too humid for our tastes. I really like the way you set up your photos on this post, too. OK, where do we go next year? teehee ;-)

Red said...

Well... I'm going to Alaska. I'm not sure if you want to or not. Although I'm not up for biking Alaska or doing the fishing like Tim and Dad.

I hope I get two weeks next year!


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