Thursday, August 10, 2006

Plimoth Plantation / Plymouth, MA

Tuesday I woke up early and headed down to Plimoth Plantation. A long drive from the north (Nohth) area of Boston. ROFL the accents get stronger the further south you go. It was well worth the drive though. The plantation is touristy, but not so commercialized. Ok, there are 4 shops, but it's more like an interactive museum. Real life people portray the historical characters and talk to you from the perspective of 400 years ago - complete with accents and everything. Only thing that is different is the Native Americans who portray the Wampanoags speak in English which makes sense.

The weather was perfect on Tuesday. It was in the 70s and kinda dry for New England. It felt like home. Here's a shot from the fort at the Plantation looking out to Cape Cod bay.

While I was there I spoke with an indentured servant. He was pretty knowledgeable about the military stuff going on and had a perspective about the boats that came after the Mayflower. Mostly that they had done well the first year, and when the second ship came, it didn't come with supplies since they had used them up on the voyage, and they had to share all that they had instead of being able to trade with the Natives.

I spoke with some of the women there who were tending their gardens, hanging out with the chickens, lol, and one was knitting something. They talked about their families, the children especially. I then asked one of them where I might find the Brewster house. William Brewster of the Mayflower is my 11th great-grandfather. The house was down towards the coast at the crossroads. The NE quarter I think it was. There, I went inside the house and saw a man talking to some other tourists and he mentioned "his brother Wrestling" so I asked him, "are you Love?" Love and Wrestling were also sons of William Brewster. He replied, I am Jonathan. So you are familiar with my family? I replied, yes sir, you are my 10th great-grandfather. He said something like "it's great to meet kin and it's amazing to think that my family was so successful.

I stood there and listened to him talk for like an hour. Very talkative fellow, lol. Quite knowledgable about everything that happened there. It was really really cool. This is his picture.

He had a book in his hands when I walked in. Notice the books on the shelves above the table. He never received a formal education, but was a very intelligent man. William Brewster did receive a formal education and was also a very intelligent man. Spoke latin and other languages. Jonathan enjoyed reading his father's books.

It was just great. Anything after that would have been a dissapointment so I went up to the gift shop and bought a bunch of books you can't get just anywhere.

I just had to see Plymouth rock and the Mayflower II which were up in the town of Plymouth. Not really worth the trip. They both kind of sucked. I did get one nice shot of the Mayflower, but I recommend just sticking to the plantation if anyone ever decides to do a history themed vacation.
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While I was down in Plymouth. I met up with someone I knew from online. She took me out to dinner. We had a nice time getting to know one another. I'd post her picture, but who knows who's lurking around here.


Mimo said...

I'm lurking ;)

Carrot Jello said...

I'm lurking too. :(

Red said...

lurk away

of course you could make comments :(

Carrot Jello said...

That would be neat to find someone who know's so much about your ggggg-grandfather. I'm happy yet jealous that Linche got to meet you, and that Boston might too. Hope you have safe travels.

Mimo said...

I'm sorry, I really just have time to read, not come up with something clever, lol!
I am finding these posts interesting, I've never been farther east than Nauvoo, unless you count Florida, but that's more like south.

Red said...

lol! who says it has to be clever?

actually it's time i update my blog with the rest of my trip and other news...

i have to get to work now, so i'll work on it this evening...

waaaaaaa - i wanna go back on vacation!!!


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