Sunday, August 06, 2006

come heere my pretty - hee hee hee heeeeee

I visited Salem Massachusetts today. Awesome place to visit. Lots and lots to see and still feel like there's more to see. They filmed Bewitched there. I thought it was on a hollywood set. Probably the backdrop was filmed in Salem, and the rest was in Hollywood.

I couldn't resist this photo. I was too late for breakfast which it's known for. Listed as 10 best unknown places to go.

This is the judge who was responsible for most of the Witch Trial hangings. Scumbag - probably would have hung me too. His tombstone was encased in concrete because it was weathering badly. Because of his actions in life, his family didn't like him and gave him a tombstone made of clay rather than stone as most are from. They also hired a carving artist who had never done a tombstone by himself before. The carvings are very crude. Another sign they didn't like him.

This was a pretty view of the Atlantic Ocean. Much of Salem today is built on landfill. The historic area is about a block from what used to be the coast. Not anymore!

This is the "house of 7 gables" that Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote about. It was built by a wealthy mariner named John Turner who I think is my 9th great-grandfather. His grandson sold the property to the Ingersolls who are related to Hawthorne who was born in a house next door.

After Salem, I drove up to Gloucester and Rockport. Gloucester was unimpressive when I drove through. I was too late in the day to stop at any touristy sites unfortunately so I continued onto Rockport. I arrived about sunset. These 2 pictures are from the beach there.


Mimo said...

Hey Red, those are neat! LOL about Red's Sandwich Shop! Is that what you were really doing there, setting up a sandwich shop??

Red said...

lurk away :)

yup, i'm setting up a whole franchise of them ;)


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