Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A crazy couple of days

Well that's what it was for the last 3 days.

Sunday the family was at a thing at church for a few hours so we put all three dogs in the kennel out back while we were gone. We get back and I'm wondering why Kody isn't whining. He's the whiner in the bunch. So I'm joking with my brother that Kody annoyed his dogs enough that they ate him. My brother opens the back door and says, "what other dogs?" His sneaky little creeps broke out of the CHAIN LINK kennel! It's likely Mick - the girl - is the one that figured out how to bend back and unlink the chains and crawl out. Clever destructive little girl. grrrrr And Redd - the boy - who won't be left behind and is a little bigger must have kept on pushing at the hole she made in the fence until it was big enough for him to get out. Kody, who is apparently too fat and is now on a diet, lol, I'm sure didn't even try to escape. The last time he escaped he was gone almost all night and never showed any desire to escape again. So anyway, I let Kody out of the cage, put a leash on him and take him for a walk around the neighborhood calling Mick and Redd's names between 9:30 pm and 10:00 pm. I tried to do it loud enough for them to maybe hear me, but quiet enough so as not to disturb the neighbors. After about 15 minutes of walking I see something running down the sidewalk on the other side of the street I was on. I took a chance and called out "Mick!" and it was her and she came running straight over to me. She is the most obediant, although the one in the most trouble all the time. Ironic ;) My brother was nearby so I called his name and he biked over with her leash and I took her back home. Redd wasn't anywhere nearby unfortunately. We continued searching for him for another half-hour or so. He came home about midnight and sometime in the middle of the night he barfed up all the garbage he ate. ewwwww I'm glad I didn't see it. He barfed on my brother, lol, and then more outside which my brother sprayed off the concrete with a hose.

Then Monday, my brother spent most of the day making a huge mess in the house and in the back yard because he was unpacking looking for stuff to take on his 9 week summer vacation. And then he had his stuff lying all over while he packed up. Yeesh. The dogs knew something was up, so they were kinda needy on Monday. He drove up to Seattle yesterday in a one-way rental to meet his friend and go biking from WA to Montana. If this wasn't so last minute and then if I didn't have to work, I'd have gone up there with him to meet a friend of mine too and then fly home. In a couple weeks my brother will somehow get himself up to Alaska to meet my dad to do some fishing and another wacky bike trip in the wilderness. Supposedly he'll be home in early August because he thinks that's the right time to find a job teaching. uh huh... yeah right, he won't get one i'm sure.

And then FINALLY, but the worst of all... my mom's cat Tornado proceeded to eat a thread and needle last night while we were eating dinner. Stupid cat! He somehow got the needle stuck on the soft-palatte in his mouth, but when I tried to remove it he managed to swallow it completely. I ran him down to the emergency vet place and told them what he did. They took him right away for x-rays and confirmed what I already knew. He'd have to have surgury to remove the needle because leaving it in would cause bigger problems. It cost over $2000 to get that done. How nice. And because my mom really sucks in emergencies I took him myself and put it on my ATM card. Good thing I've been working and don't have to pay rent anywhere. I'm thinking maybe my parents ought to add my name to their credit cards. They now owe me something close to $3000 for all the things I've had to purchase for mom lately. Ya know, it's a wonder we kids survived our childhoods because I remember several emergencies and can't for the life of me figure out how my mom actually drove us to the hospital because she was so shaky and weepy and basically all freaked out and unable to think. When I broke my arm when I was 8 they asked if I wanted my mom with me and I said no way! She's more scared than me and would make it worse! And she was like that again last night. sigh.... I may be shaped like her, but I got my dad's level head. phew!

Anyway, sure hope nothing happens tonight! Maybe I'd better call home and make sure the dogs are all still there and the cats haven't eaten anything else they shouldn't have.


Carrot Jello said...

Happy Birthday

Mimo said...

Happy Birthday! Did you have a good day?

Poor kitty, that looks so painful :( I'm glad he's ok, and you got the other dogs back. What a few days you've had eh?
Hope today was much better!

Red said...

Thank you Carrot and Mimo!

Tornado is doing better. He's acting pretty normal. We have to feed him baby food for a few days, and he's taking it pretty well.

Today was nice. It was quite relaxing. A little hot for my tastes, but at least we have AC.

wendela said...

Sheesh, what a rough few days there! Hope the kitty's feeling fine now. And, most of all, hope you had a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Red said...

Thanks Wendela!


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