Saturday, May 27, 2006

Edmonton Oilers continue

well after they killed the Sharks 4 straight (waaaaa) they went and attacked the Mighty Ducks (stupid team) and beat them 4 games to 1. Winning all three games they played IN Anaheim. Heh heh heh.


After they beat the Sharks, my allegiance temporarily goes to them. I hope they win it all.

It looks like it's gonna be Carolina vs. Edmonton for The Cup. Carolina is tied 2-2 but apparently Buffalo who I thought had a good shot is all banged up, so at this point in the season it's not only grit and determination, but how many guys you have left standing.



Mimo said...

Hey Red, sorry to be off topic, but I'd love to have some imspiration from you for some more themes. Are you up to doing some graphics again?

Uh... Go Oilers?

Red said...

not really, i'm too busy right now
i need to finish my friends' kitchen design to submit to the city and to the contractors, and i'm also doing another job where i scan in business cards and edit and sort them for another friend.


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