Saturday, April 04, 2009

Silly Saturday

She was like a little kid with the dandilions... too cute :)


RuthieJ said...

was the junco eating the dandelion seeds? That's a pretty cute picture.

Mary C said...

Where'd you snap this one? It sure is cute.

Natural Moments said...

That's one cute junco photo. I hope she gets her wish!

Red said...

Actually, yes Ruthie, she was good catch. I just thought it was cuter to think she was blowing on them :)

Mom, it was one of just a couple shots at Linda Vista park Wednesday before last.

Hi Bernie :) yep me too and I hope it was for more cute junco babies.

blog said...

Heh, cute!

Darla said...

That is a funny photo!!

Leedra said...

This is cute. Nice capture.

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Zhakee said...

That little bird looks like she has a great meal waiting for her. Nice photo.


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