Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bird Photography Weekly #25

Wow! 25 weeks already?
I haven't done all 25, but a good percentage of them I have :) Who knew I had that many different birds to post about? I ought to write a list for myself, because I think I have many more.

This week: Yellow-rumped Warbler (Audubon's)

This warbler really put on a show for me this past weekend during the Great Backyard Bird Count. It has been around for at least a month, but it was rare that I spotted it at the feeder out front.

Last year, this was the one and only I saw.

They definitely winter here. I suppose it is possible they are here year-round, but the distribution maps are inconclusive. We live kinda on the borderline between the blue and the red zones on the map at Cornell's All About Birds. I guess we'll just have to wait and see because this year we had not just one, but at least two! I think there was three (m/f/f), but definitely there were two.

They seemed like shy birds. Here is one I kept trying to coax out from the brush when we visited the Monarch Grove Sanctuary. So far, unsatisfactory photos.

But this weekend, was different. Not only was I specifically spending the time looking out the windows at the feeders and the surrounding trees and bushes, but one of them broke out of their shyness.

Isn't she pretty?

She's a fat little thing too! I know she was a little puffed out because of the cold, but that's not all air under those feathers!

Guess how she got so fat...
She gets nasty and protective of her food source.
For hours she guarded the feeders from her vantage point on the wisteria.
The finches ruled before her. Now she chases all of them off. Luckily there are other feeders, especially in the back of the house.

This must be her boyfriend. He's in the back of the house on our "shed".
Take note how skinny he is compared to her. Something tells me she eats his portion too ;)

But he must think she's pretty... and he's no slouch either. He's definitely nicer than she is.

For more interesting birding stories and especially photos of birds you might not see in your own back yard, head on over to
and enjoy!


Lynne said...

I gotta love those butter butts!

mon@rch said...

I really need to find myself a this year Butter Butt soon . . . I miss those warblers!

J.G. said...

My bird book has all the warblers lumped under "Confusing Fall Warblers" so I never know what I am seeing when I catch a glimpse. Thanks for the close-ups!

Wisconsin Birder said...

Very nice closeups! Looking forward to seeing them in my neck of the woods again this spring.

Red said...

@Lynne - yep, any bird you can call "butter butt" has to be cool, lol

@mon@rch - you will, spring is around the corner

@J.G. - Oh that's a fun bird book, lol! You're welcome. And if you have the inclination, I recommend the National Geographic Field Guide which recently split into Western & Eastern, so pick the one that fits your locale. Their descriptions are great, but even better are the illustrations they have... wonderful and they have notes that distinguish between similar birds.

@Wisconsin Birder - thank you very much. Amazingly, the closest were taken through windows in the house and the dirt didn't show!

RuthieJ said...

Nice pictures of those cute little warblers Red. I'm jealous that you get to see them in the winter-time--it'll be at least 6 weeks before I see one around here again.

Red said...

Thank you Ruthie :) Well, it's entirely possible you will see one of them on your visit out this way. I'm sure they are near your brother's places and any parks you will visit.

Mary C said...

Great post, Red. I saw another Audubon's warbler today on my walk on the north side of Hwy 85. I'm beginning to think they are a lot more common than I ever thought they were.

Red said...

Thanks Mom... yeah, they must be. Now the trick is finding them in the summer... maybe they won't be here though.

Darla said...

Hey Red, great photos here! Been trying to locate your blog, now that I have it will be adding it to my list! WHEW!!

Red said...

Thanks Darla! LOL, I know how that goes, I just accidentally deleted an entire folder in my bookmarks... hope it wasn't important!

Leedra said...

He does appear to be letting her have his share. They are like the short/heavy with the tall/thin people. I am like her.

Noticed on your sidebar you have Photography By Leedra, just wanted to be sure you know my daily post are now at Leedra's Photos For Fun. I am still posting at Photography By Leedra, but not daily.

Leedra’s Photos For Fun
Leedra’s Greeting Cards
Photography By Leedra

Red said...

Yeah, I'm like her too :)

I do know about your Photos For Fun, I need to update my blogroll :)

yen said...

thanks for visiting, nice posts, birding since?
i just got started not too long ago, loving it ever since...

Red said...

Thanks Yen, I got started birding just a few months ago... about a year ago I was photographing mostly flowers, but switched to the challenge of bird photography and wound up being a birder :) Thanks for stopping by!


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