Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bird Photography Weekly #23

Thanks to all who signed the petition last week for the Acorn Woodpecker protection! I don't have an update on how many have signed the Audubon California petition to date, but based on the response that I have received - and I don't have hundreds of friends - a lot had to have done so. I sure hope it works.

Anyway, this week I'll feature my favorite bird, the Turkey Vulture.

This first one was one of the first, if not the first, picture. It amazingly turned out considering it was on automatic I think. I was still learning my Aperture and Shutter speed settings and what works best. Actually I'm still learning, but I have a lot more confidence now that an image will come out.

I don't have a lot of pictures of them. I took a lot, but most didn't come out. And nearly every time I see one I don't have a camera with a good lens handy.

This second picture was taken at Vasona, the same day I had my first experience with the Osprey.

Incidentally, I know one of my favorite bloggers also loves the turkey vultures... so here's a shout-out to Lynne of Hasty Brook!

And, thanks to Wren, I just discovered a Turkey Vulture Society!

Almost forgot! Check out more great photos at:


Lynne said...

That a great way to start my day!! I think you and I are kindred spirits Red. Someone sent me a link to the Turkey Vulture Society a while back. I need to order one of their shirts.
Love this post Red!!!

Wren said...

Hey, Red - Thanks for the shout-out. To you and Lynne both, I can only say it's so nice to know that there are others who appreciate vultures.

Red said...

I think so too Lynne :) Must be the shared b/d with your hubby or something...

Hey Wren! Yeah, who knew? I affectionately call our cats vultures too. They often strike the classic pose behind your shoulder from up high while you're eating. It's creepy-cute.

Larry Jordan said...

Great post Red. I love Turkey Vultures too and have written a few posts about them. I see them almost everyday. They are amazing birds and really help keep things clean in these parts!

Red said...

Thanks Larry! I'll have to do a tag search or something on your TVs. I think I remember one of your posts on them.

With all the roads around here, I'm sure they are kept busy doing their jobs.

behindthebins said...

Somewhere in South Jersey there is a Vulture Festival. I saw a T-shirt once. I can't saw they are my favorite, but we need them otherwise we would be hip-deep in roadkill. Ew.

Red said...

Oh yeah... March 7th (i googled)

Funny thing is the first sentence you wrote could be a line in the Sopranos or something ;)

Leedra said...

You did great, I keep trying to capture the Turkey Vultures in flight. They are always too high, or when they are low enough they are a block down the road. Congrats!

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Red said...

I keep trying too, and like you they are always too high.


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