Saturday, January 03, 2009

Miniature Roses

Since we live in an area condusive to roses, we have quite a few miniature roses decorating our yard, mostly lining our pathway to the front door. For the most part, they aren't very good looking, but there are a few select blooms that stand out during the year.

This one below actually is one that is on our sideyard which was another inherited from the previous homeowner. If the weeds are cleared away, it stays pretty nice most of the spring and summer. It looks best in spring. It's a very pale yellow, later in the season it will be more white with occasional pink stripes from its neighbor mini rose I think.
This is the neighbor mini-rose. This one appears that it also has a little stray coloring of yellow from the pale yellow one. This one was pure pink the first year I saw it. It's now varying colors. I have no idea how that happens.
This is a gorgeous rose on a usually ugly plant. This is one lining our front walk. In this picture the leaves actually appear nice, so it must have been one of it's first blooms of the season. The mini roses really get inundated with powdered mildew.
This cute pink one looks large with the view. However, i used my super-widescreen lens (Sigma 10-20mm) and put the camera practically on the ground facing up. It was a fun experiment. I am pretty sure this mini-rose came from a batch which were used as decoration for an Easter breakfast a few years ago. They were going to go in the garbage, so we said we'd take them home. How people can toss perfectly good (and kinda expensive) plants is beyond me.
This mini rose I believe is called Candy Stripe. It is one my mom purchased specifically and it does pretty well. It's larger than most of the other mini roses.
We have many more. Perhaps this spring I'll take their pics and share with you all.


Mary C said...

Nice choice of photos, Red. I'm surprised nobody has commented yet. I wonder if everyone is busy since the holiday break.

Red said...

Aw well... that what I get for pre-dating the post :) I probably confused folks.

I'll have to start instituting labels... maybe that will help.


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