Saturday, November 01, 2008

In case you missed it...

I decorated for Halloween :)

I'm now working on a fall theme, but for now I'm back to the Summer Picnic many of you are familiar with. If you missed the halloween one, I'll probably be reusing it year after year. Maybe with some adjustments here and there because I'm certain I left a few things undecorated since I didn't put enough time into it.

Meanwhile, have a gander at our fall in California :) Things turn brown and other flowers start to bloom rather than incredibly colored leaves. It's still pretty and what I consider "golden california".


Mary C said...

And as an added attraction a beautiful "fall" color of the house as backdrop. Heehee. ;o)

Red said...

hee hee... really brings out the color of the grass seeds now too

Vickie said...

Beautiful photo with that splash of color. I loved the dried seed pods and all the wonderful, airy neutrals of fall, too.

Red said...

Thank you much Vickie!


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