Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wordless and Watery Wednesday


Carletta said...

How cute!
My daughter's cat does that too and he's colored almost the same.

I scrolled down for a longer visit and you have some wonderful images here.

Red said...

Thanks Carletta :)

I'm glad our cats aren't the only ones to do that! Some people might be grossed out at that :D

2sweetnsaxy said...

Adorable! These were great. Thanks for joining Watery Wednesday! :-)

Becky and Gary said...

I bet your cats have done that before. How cute!
I looked at some of your other pictures. Beautiful, and you live in such a fascinating area. I love beach photos. You have some super ones!
Thanks for stopping by and do come back.

Gill - That British Woman said...

Oh, those are the neatest photos ever,

Gill in Canada

Red said...

Thanks for creating that meme 2sweetnsaxy! Cool idea :)

Thanks Becky and Gary - I surely will! And yes, they've done that before. These ones are kittens and we recently taught them how... well I think one of the older cats showed them how.

Thanks so much Gill :)

I hope you all come back soon!

Lutheran Lucciola said...

Oh, made me smile! Meow-yeow!

Mary said...

Hi Red,

That's so cute! Before dog pets, I was a cat lady (owned three at once for many years). My Mom was a cat lover and had several - one who would sit in the kitchen sink and scream in the middle of the night until my Mom got out of bed and turned on the faucet for a few minutes. Of course, the cat had a water dish but that wasn't good enough. LOL!

Love those pics!


The Right Blue said...

Kitties are so smart!! Hope you've had a wonderful Watery Wednesday.

Red said...

LuLu :D glad I could!

Mary, I am soooo glad our cats don't do that! eeks!

I agree The Right Blue they sure are... although, just yesterday apparently Cash, the one with the white chin, fell into the toilet. ROFL! I wish I was there. Guess that wasn't his brightest moment ;) Thanks for stopping by - come back soon!


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