Saturday, October 11, 2008

Unidentified at Moonglow Dairy Farms

Despite the wide variety of birds here, essentially, all have been identified, BUT here's one I'm not positive on. I think it is a young Heerman's Gull. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Below is an image of more pelicans in flight, but for the fun of it, I'll let you search for them, lol!

Here's a bird I can't quite identify... it has a tag number... do you think that will help?
LOL, I thought she was purty :)

Next post... off to the Pinnacles National Monument! (west entrance)


RuthieJ said...

Your last photo is definitely a "cowbird"

Red said...

Ba da bump (rim shot). ROFL Ruthie ;D. Someone had to say it. I'm glad it was on the first comment too.

Mary C said...

Oh, I thought she was out birding like everyone else was doing (or attempting to do). ;o) And did this "cowbird" go "mooooo?"

Lynne said...

Doh! Ruthie beat me to it!

Red said...

you know mom? i don't think it made a sound... that's why i was so confused!

LOL Lynne... oh well, come sooner next time? ;)

Leedra said...

The 'cowbird' is sticking her tongue out at you!

Red said...

No wonder I liked her so much! That's what I would do if someone took my picture :p


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