Monday, October 27, 2008

Blogger Award

My second award came from Leedra. Leedra is an excellent nature photographer so I'm truly honored. Thank you!

She gave it to me about a week ago, but I've just been so busy I haven't had a chance to post about it and pass it along.

I think CarrotJello may not be into putting awards up and passing them along, but I'm giving it to her anyway, because her blog is one of the most entertaining out there.

I'm not sure who else to pass this along to right now, so when I do I'll update this one.


Darla said...

Congrats Red! Thank you for visiting me and identifying the Green Lynx Spider, it's still yucky not matter what you call it!

Lutheran Lucciola said...

Man, I never got around to posting the one you gave me.

I'm such a flake.

Hey, we should see a Sharks game sometime. I heard you like them. I'm in the mood to watch some cute guys smack each other around on the ice.

Mary C said...

LuLu - don't feel bad. I think I forgot to pick up that award, too. Sorry about that, Red. Life gets too busy sometimes. And it's usually my reason for slacking off from posting on my blog, too. Anyway, congrats Red on your latest award. You are a really good nature photographer and blogger and deserve it.

Red said...

Thanks Darla, Sorry you found it yucky. But I know when I got a little close to it I was creeped out. Of course, I saw it through the whole egg sac process so it was a different perspective.

LuLu, lol, it's ok :) Gifts are gifts and aren't to be tracked to see if you use them properly. Same to you too Mom. And thanks :)


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