Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Various Yard Pics

Well, over the long weekend, I spent some time going through my photos. I'm still a bit behind in editing, but I made good progress. I also decided to start putting frames around my pictures to give them a nice finished look as well as titles. Some I left untitled because I have no idea what they are, or just wasn't thinking up a creative title.

Here's one I'm just not sure of at all. As with the others, click on it to enlarge.

It's so non-descript. It's sort-of small, note its relation to the size of those leaves. The leaves (of a tree i can't identify either) are about 3 inches long, so I guess the bird would be 6" beak to tail. I wonder if it's a titmouse fledgling... any ideas? Or, it could be a bushtit - although they are 3-3.5 inches... I just don't know, it's possible it was that small.

Here's an infrequent visitor. I saw him once before (at least I think it was him) back in May.

He's shaking his head in this picture. How funny looking.

I finally found out what this is, so I'll post it. It's really tiny, but obviously looks big here.

Anthrenus verbasci - variegated carpet beetle

And last week I picked up a copy of Kaufman's Butterfly Field Guide and discovered that this was an American Lady... appropriate considering where I snapped it :)


Mary C said...

Did I recently see that first photo you posted? Of course I saw your photos of the Nuttall's. But I'm pretty sure I've never seen that carpet beetle. Was that picture taken in our yard? And the American Lady butterfly looks like it was about to take off in flight. Caption for the butterfly: Ready for Take-off!

Red said...

You saw the first one once. It was on a day I took tons of other bird pics - more impressive and identifiable. I doubt you ever saw the carpet beetle. It was on a day I took tons and tons of backyard wildflower pics. It (and another) was on the daisies (by the way, not sure they are marguerite daisies) and the orange behind it is a poppy.

LOL@ the caption... well it was hopping around from flower to flower. In this one, you can see it's "tongue" sticking in the flower, so it's probably not quite ready to go.

Carrot Jello said...

Aw crap! i missed your birthday! :O
Sorry! HOpe it was happy! It's amazing what you can find in your yard.

Red said...

Thanks Carrot :) It's okay you missed it, lol... I have stopped counting the years ;) It was a good day anyway though.


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