Friday, June 27, 2008

A few more bird pics

Yesterday evening, for some reason, the birds were going nuts in the backyard, so I went out there to join them and see if I could get some good pics. I think I managed a few.
Here's a female house sparrow that is quite common in our yard, but it was a pretty shot with the canna blooming behind the red of the hummingbird feeder.

Here's a youngun, which means we'll have more than enough to go around in the future as well. I think it's cuter now than it was a month ago. Now it's molting and looks fuzzy.

This is a titmouse - i'm pretty sure it was, it was gray and about the right size as it flew away in a swooping fashion. I have been trying for quite a while to take its picture. This is the best so far even if it is a silhouette. The brown of the sky is nearly the way it was due to all the smoke in the air. It's cool in a way because it makes for interesting sunsets and this image turned out sepia looking. I finally got it tonight, but haven't processed that picture yet. I'll post it asap.

I'm pretty sure this is a juvenile cowbird. My mom identified it, but as of last night, still wasn't positive. But we have had a couple of cowbirds around recently, we have heard their voices, and about the time of this picture, they were singing. I just couldn't quite pinpoint the voice to the bird as when I spotted this one, it stopped chirping. It's pretty cute.

And finally, I caught this lesser goldfinch at a less than desirable moment - for him anyway. I happen to find it hilarious.


Mary C said...

I hope everyone will enlarge that last photo so they can see the finch's "bad hair day" pose. LOL. It's not that visible here on your post. And that silhouette of the titmouse -- the color of the sky sure shows what I just posted about. Funny how we can take blue skies for granted, only to miss them when we don't have them.

Red said...

Yeah, I guess... it feels like winter, except not as cool. Although it is cooler than normal, but probably because the sun isn't coming through the smoke.

I fixed the images so they are a one step process to enlarge.


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