Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wild Bird photo challenge

Webshots is having a creative photo challenge on Wild Birds this week. Ok, now it's just birds... they changed it since yesterday. Whatever...

I'm thinking of entering these images.
Brandt's Cormorant adjusting it's nest.

Great Egret stalking it's prey

Marbled Godwit

Doubt I'll win, but who knows... maybe they might lead to an Editor's Choice.

Here's my other bird albums... any other ones that ought to be entered? (i'm limited to three, but haven't entered any yet)
Backyard Birds
Birds Birds Birds
and some in my various vacation folders on my webshots page

I had no idea I had so many bird pics!


Mary C said...

For someone who claims NOT to be a birder you sure have lots of photos! lol ;o)

Mary C said...

Oops, I forgot to mention - great choice of photos for the contest.


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