Friday, May 23, 2008

Success at last!

A Further Update On Avalanche

It wasn't all that bad. The trick is to hold the scruff of his neck with your fingers from middle to pinky and then with the thumb and index finger grab more of the excess skin and make a tent to poke the needle into. I had previously made the tent, but did not grab the scruff of the neck. That seems so obvious now!

It went very smoothly. The needle popped out once towards the end, but at that moment I wasn't totally paying attention and it just happened. I managed to stick it back in and finish the job, so he got about 150cc of fluid last night before dinner. When we do this he seems to be so much better.

He's sluggish in the mornings after breakfast, but by afternoon he's very alert and becoming active again. He's wandering all around the house and is on the verge of wrestling again with his bud Tornado.

As Mom said in a comment on the last post... "Viva la Avalanche!" We sure hope so!

1 comment:

Mary C said...

Hurray! Success - and thanks, Red. It's obvious I'm too squeamish to do it. Now let's hope all this work will bring down those numbers of his creatinine.


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