Sunday, April 06, 2008

Day Two - Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

After freezing a bit overnight at Morro Strand due to the dew point being greater than the air temperature which was in the low 40s, I got a few hours sleep and then got up about 20 minutes after the sun rose. I then quickly packed up with no hope of drying out the sleeping bag and tarp before late afternoon and took off for Antelope Valley. I drove a little farther south on Highway 1 until about San Luis Obispo where I headed east on 166. This took me through some nice country and past the entrance to Carrizo Plain where I'd be going after Antelope Valley.

This was a cool site on Hwy 166

I didn't really map out the drive, but I discovered that I would end up being on I-5... no matter though, it would take me through Gorman where I would then hook up with 138. The hills in Gorman weren't quite popping with blooms yet, although the occasional bush type lupine was blooming.

I saw this peek of the Antelope Buttes from 138... about 20 minutes away I think. I was driving while I snapped this on my point and shoot.

Boy that was nothing compared to this...

The sunshine and air temps were wonderful, but it was super windy. I would guess sustained winds at 20-25 with gusts up to 35. It was very difficult to switch lenses and not get any dust in the camera. It also made it near impossible to get any poppy macro shots, but it did let me capture this one, lol. At least they look silky, that's pretty cool, i didn't notice that with my eye.

There are just too many pictures to choose from in my album, so I'll close with this one... a Joshua Tree with the San Bernardino Mountains behind.


Mary C said...

You've captured some of mother nature's best. Great job, Red. I look forward to your next set of photos.

Red said...

Thanks Mom :)

Carrot Jello said...


Red said...

(((( Carrot )))) Thank you!

No Cool Story said...


Red said...

Thanks :) You should go see it some spring... it's amazing.


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