Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No I haven't disappeared again...

Just been pretty busy... this is one thing I've spent several hours on in the last 2 weeks. Been playing the video game Portal and Half Life 2. Here's a video of my accomplishments on Portal... that's what you get when you complete the training ground. From that I unlocked many many challenges and a few bonus maps. It's fun :)

I also have a ton of pictures I haven't even edited yet... but here's a couple I took, edited and uploaded recently.

An artsy view of a calla lily
calla lily 023w

I like to call this one kaleidescope...
calla lily 031w
ha! maybe that should be calladescope?

seriously, it just happened that way... i used a wide-angle lens (probably was at 10mm) and it captured several other callas other than the main ones i was focused on. I really really like how they pretty much repeated the main focus.

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