Saturday, February 16, 2008

Member's Choice Flowers
Two of my pictures are featured on the first page of the members choice flowers album... how awesome is that? There seems to be an odd glitch in the views and other stats with my albums... the linked one is the Amaryllis for Standard Screen but it has only 133 views? And the other album, Amaryllis for Widescreen has over 2000 views with over 1200 in the past week... I think the stats are swapped... could be though because I split the one album into two and all the stats of the one are going to the other now. Strange.

Amaryllis standard screen (published: 2008-02-10)
Views: 133 / 133
Downloads: 0 / 0 (whhaaaaa!)
Messages: 0

Amaryllis for widescreen (published: 2008-02-01)
Views: 2,192 / 1,114
Downloads: 125 / 65
Messages: 5

(first number is overall, second number is this - actually last - week)

But whatever... what's cooler is my ranking!
Category: flowers
Ranking: 871 out of 61,774 members
Views: 8,094 / 1,830
Downloads: 343 / 100




by the way, don't I just have the most creative picture names? LOL

1 comment:

Mary C said...

Great job! Keep up the good work. ;o)


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