Sunday, January 13, 2008

My excused absence

Check out what I did!

Yup, that's right... I rebuilt my computer all by myself. I replaced the motherboard, the processor and the video card. I was a little scared I'd mess it up because it was so super expensive, but soooo worth it. The only downside is that I had to upgrade to Windows Vista because my XP license had been activated too many times. I believe it was twice or maybe three times on this same computer, but different hardware. It had had problems since the beginning... just a year ago. Not sure what exactly it was. It could have been simply the hard drive as I discovered when I tried to reformat it for the new setup. It refused, and only through DOS did I discover that it had an unrecoverable error.

So I'm using an older hard drive, and hope to get another one eventually, but I will leave this older one in here because it works... and it has the OS on it. Another one would simply be for file storage of all my games and pictures and music. Right now the pictures and music are on an external hard drive and the games are on the C drive. But for now, EVERYTHING is working fantastic! And Vista has a couple of features I even kind of like. I can't believe I admitted that, but I like the sidebar/sidekick (whatever) feature and the windows media center seems pretty cool too.

Oh and here's a picture of it working! See the screen on the right.

I'm sure I lost my entire audience of two with this post, so I promise, if you come back, you will see more pretty pictures from now on. Hopefully spring comes soon. Gray skies and flowerless yards make for very boring pictures.

But there was lots and lots of color on the inside of this computer. Isn't it pretty with all the primary colors going on? Such a shame to hide it in a black box, albeit a nice black box.

The details:
Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DQ6 Motherboard
AMD Phenom(tm) X4 Quad-Core Processor GP-9600 2.30 GHz
4 gigabyte RAM (Kingston paired)
130 GB IDE hard drive
ATI Radeon AX3850 Video Card (set up for HDTV which we hope to get soon)
onboard RealTek sound
Altec-Lansing speakers
Chimei 19" wide flatpanel monitor
Antec Overture II desktop case


Mary C said...

Congratulations on the rebuild. That's a great feeling of accomplishment. I like my "new" computer, too. Thanks to you and your brother, albeit a little late, I am enjoying my Christmas present. Now, I need to get back into blogging. As for you and your "boring" pix, take a walk with me someday soon. You'll find some interesting things to photograph. Maybe some birds, maybe some birds' nests, maybe some other critters along the walk. And I'm sure we could find other things, too. There are advantages of not living in snow country! :o)

Tim said...

Am I the second? And Quad core? like you needed it.... LOL

Nice job though.

Red said...

well you're apparently the second to comment.. .but no, i didn't know you read here, lol...

My dear friend Carrot is the second one I am thinking of.

So I guess I have an audience of three! wow, i'm soooo popular. ;)

Thanks :D

Carrot Jello said...

I'd call you a nerd, but...

Red said...

but... lol, what, you already knew that?

ah well...


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