Wednesday, May 30, 2007

i'm ba-ack!

ok, well i'll try

i don't know how much i'll be doing... i'm so out of the habit

i suppose i could start with a quick rundown of the last 9-10 months, seeing as how that's the last time i posted...

heh heh... maybe later


Mary Carlson said...

Heidi - time to start commenting on each others blogs! I'm glad you are giving it another go. I really liked your previous post - kinda like a journal, only not on paper -- and you were able to put some of your best pix in it, too. A nice remembrance of your vacation last summer.

Red said...

Heidi? who is this Heidi?

ahem... it's Red :p

/ \
/ \


And thanks... too bad I never finished it... gee same thing happened when i created my alaska page... i do still at least have all the files and images.


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