Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wrangling Cats

Oye! LOL... wasn't there a commercial a couple years ago about wrangling cats?

I did that today. Fun fun!

For some reason this morning a door was cracked open and 3 of the 4 kitties escaped. I wonder what in the heck the 4th kitty was doing that she didn't get the message. I tried to wrangle them before I absolutely had to leave, but it didn't work. So when I got home I thought for sure they'd be ready to come in.


Oh and one of the kitties who escaped was Tornado and he managed to loose another stitch. He had lost one earlier this week. Seems to be okay though. His skin is healing pretty well and the scar seems solid.

Anyway, i actually caught Tornado first. He was kinda mad as he hissed at me as he was running. He tried to jump a fence. Got to the top of the fence and started climbing a tree, but I grabbed his tail. That really ticked him off! Oh well, I didn't mind. He just kept hissing and I just held on until he decided to attack me and after the first scratch I managed to grab the scruff of his neck.

Misty was next... she took quite a while because she and Avalanche were playing tag-team and eventually I managed to pounce on Misty while she was distracted. She didn't fight me after that. I think she was tired of being chased.

And finally Avalanche. I had to employ Kody to help with him. Avalanche was stubbornly underneath the neighbor's car and refused to move. I first tried to bribe him with treats, but he snagged them and I couldn't get close enough to grab him while he went for the treats. Sneaky. So I went and got Kody and chased him out from under the car and he went the same direction as Tornado had and I managed to grab his tail and the scruff of the neck a split second later.

Phew! That was fun.

I FOUND IT! Here's a link to the video!
better yet... here's the video itself


Carrot Jello said...

Funny video, I've never seen it. I like your new colors.

Red said...

Thank you :)

I swear I had another post above this one! I think it got lost in cyberspace!


Mimo said...

LOL! Red, I can just picture you wrangeling cats! What a riot! Thanks for making my night.... er, uh... morning.

Red said...

rofl mimo! yw :)

Mimo said...

Tell me you don't try to brand them! ;)

Red said...

ROFL! nope, they don't even have the microchips in them.


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