Sunday, April 02, 2006

What a name, eh?

Too bad I didn't get "Kodiak" in there as well, lol. Other than "madness" those are the names of all my pets. Sorry Kody, only the cats got top billing. I tried, but there was too many letters if I added your name in. Plus, well... it didn't quite flow as well.

So I'll just put your picture up there first instead, ok?


Carrot Jello said...

Does your dog read blogs Red? LOL.

Red said...

*giggles* well he saw his own picture, he can't type, but maybe, just maybe he knows how to read...

he knows how to spell w-a-l-k because he gives the same reaction when i spell it out loud as when i say walk - without holding the leash!

Mimo said...

WOWZAH, that is a long name Red :)
Kody is such the cutie.


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