Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I added a gas price tracker...

to my sidebar. It's for my local prices. Really it's not all that bad. It's only about 20 cents higher than it's been all winter. I'm tired of the news over-dramatizing it, and I'm really really sick of the lame politicians who made this such a big deal when it's their fault we're at these prices anyway.

8 years ago Clinton wouldn't allow ANWR drilling because of pressure and one of the reasons he said was it would take 8 years to make a difference. Well look at us now 8 years later. hmmmmm

These same disciples of Clinton denied Bush ANWR a few months ago. Now they are berating him as if he can control the prices. I'm sure the two little things he did won't make but a cent or two of a difference. Big whoop.

Bottom line... drive less... how hard is that to do? When you have an errand to do, wait until you have 2 or three. Do them on your way to wherever it is you have to go, or on the way home. Don't go to that store that's 20 miles out of the way when you can go to that store that's only a mile away.

If we all work together and drive less the demand won't be so high and the prices wil go down. We don't need to drive nearly as much as we all do anyway. I can't tell you the number of people I know that waste their time and money in the car. It's amazing.


Mimo said...

I don't see it, Red, where is it?

I'm sure I do a lot of unecessary driving, but I have to do errands when I can, not pile them up. With 4 kids, nothing would get done if I did that. Guess you'll have to stay home from work to make up for the gas I waste, lol!

Red said...

LOL there's an idea Mimo! hmmmmm

Actually I did try just recently to "work from home" ;) but that didn't work. Pastor likes having me here because he can ask me to do stuff he doesn't feel like asking the secretary to do. (rolling eyes)

Oh well, you'll just have to waste $5200 per year on gas. At least according to one ranting senator I heard a clip of yesterday. He said people were spending $100 per week on gas. Good grief! I only fill up my 11 gallon tank once every 3 weeks. That works out to about $11 per week.

The tracker is in my sidebar. Down below the site meter.

Red said...

PS you're too efficient at home anyway, lol. Let things slide :D

Carrot Jello said...

Maybe instead of shopping, I'll take a nap until gas prices go down.

Mimo said...

Why can't I see it? There's nothing there for me to see. Waaaa!

We spent, both Joel and I, all of this month about $200 on gas. I just added it up this last weekend when balancing the check book. So I don't know who he's asking, but it ain't us! And we do a LOT of driving all week long!

Red said...

LOL, that's good, you use only half of what that guy said. I wonder who he was talking to too. Although he is a democrat, so the likelyhood that he was exaggerating is like 100%, ROFL!

I don't know why you can't see it. I can see it in all my browsers. It's in the right sidebar underneath my Einstein quote and underneath the sitetracker image.

Mimo said...

That's so odd, it's seriously not there. And nothing happens if I move my cursor over the area. Hmmm. Is there a link where I can get one for my area?


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